Are There Disadvantages of Living in a Townhouse? This is the explanation

The Home Property – Blog. Living in a small housing complex with complete facilities or commonly called a townhouse, is indeed very tempting. However, there are some drawbacks to staying in a townhouse. What are these drawbacks? Check out the following explanation. Expensive price To get high-quality housing with a promising environment and security, of … Read more

60’s Retro Home Design

JAKARTA – The retro style look is back with the current hits. Both in fashion to the realm of the interior House. The cheerful retro look looks suitable to be realized into the design of the house. Usually, the retro style is liked by some people who have an open personality and like to socialize. … Read more

4 Ways for Millennials to Buy Your Dream Home

JAKARTA – Millennials are currently starting to be literate in investment, one of which is property investment. Many dream of having their own residence, be it a house or apartment. Even though they are currently still renting or contracting, it will be a matter of pride to have a home. If it is calculated, the … Read more