121 Best Living Room Decor Ideas


As said before, the family room is a pretty personal space where you can do various activities with your family and hobbies that you enjoy doing. For that, give space for your personal collection on the living room decor.

The sofa has become a mandatory thing in the family room. Many activities are carried out on the sofa. So, make sure the sofa you choose as a living room decor is the most comfortable. Sofa beds can be an alternative choice for a comfortable sofa because of its flexibility to use sitting or lying down. Bean bags can also be added as a complement. So, the family room is not only a gathering place, but also as a playroom decoration.

One of the decoration of the family room that usually complements the sofa is a pillow. Adding a pillow to the sofa can enhance the comfort of the sofa. Because the family room is used by all family members, make sure the number of pillows is adequate. In addition, choose decorative pillows with comfortable material and sizes that not only fit your needs, but are also proportional to the size of the sofa you have.

In addition, some other furniture that can complement the sofa set that you have can vary, depending on the needs and the size of the room you have. Adding a side table or coffee table is usually a must. Couches or ottomans can also sweeten your family room.

To add to the feeling of comfort, decorating the family room on the floor is usually equipped with carpet. However, many are mistaken in applying the size of the carpet as a decoration of the living room and family. Carpets with a smaller size than the sofa set can provide a disproportionate visual in the living room decor. Make sure the carpet has at least the same or slightly wider area than the sofa set. A broad carpet will also provide a wider visual effect on the room.

This area is very important, because it is a place for quality time with family and a place to gather with friends. Therefore, this room should always be neat, beautified with a comfortable decoration and functional furniture. That is why today we will show you 121 Best Living Room Decor Ideas, with various interesting ideas that can be your source of inspiration. Enjoy.


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