3 Cheap Steps To Make The Selling Price Of The House So Expensive

JAKARTA – Selling a house is not an easy thing to do. Home buyers will be very detailed, so they can get the house according to their dreams.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking to sell a home, about 79% of sellers across the country renovate or repair their homes before selling them.

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Possible renovation steps include demolishing the walls to open up the kitchen and adding a bathroom area. Also increases the basic needs in the house, roof height and air circulation.

One of the lightest steps included revamping the outside of the house, adding a flower garden, a play area for children and a wall made of natural stone placed in the front area.

Here are tips to help you sell your house at the highest price quoted from Usatoday.com, Thursday (22/8/2019)

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1. Pay Attention to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important area, but don’t worry the kitchen renovation costs are relatively affordable. If you do a complete overhaul of the kitchen, then the homeowner has the potential to benefit.

2. Interior appearance is also taken into account


Changing the color of the wall paint in the house can make the house feel new. Calculate the costs incurred to paint the entire interior of the house and the benefits. Young buyers usually ask about features such as air conditioning, refrigerators and security systems that they can monitor.

Activating doorbells, locks, cctv cameras costs money. But the profits will reach 5% of the selling price of your home. However, don’t neglect your home’s main system. Such as air systems, roofs, plumbing, smoke detectors, fireplaces, and fences should be in good condition, as they can help convince your homebuyers when they first come to see the condition of the home.

3. Take Care of Your Page

Home Garden

Open spaces these days can be just as valuable as a kitchen renovation, as can open floor plans for baby boomers. According to HomeAdvisor, open space can boost selling prices.

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