3 Types Of Garden Sofa And Chair

3 Types Of Garden Sofa And Chair

Sofas and chairs are not only used for inside, but both of this furniture can also be used for outdoor as in the garden. This garden sofa and chairs function as a place to sit and rest by anyone. Besides, another function of both furniture is to fill the garden so it does not look too empty. Not only that, but these sofas and chairs can also add beauty to the garden. The choice of the type of sofa or chair for outdoor is certainly very different for the type used in indoor. Therefore, you must understand the difference between the two. For this reason, this article will help you to get to know the types of sofas and garden chairs that are commonly used.


Sofa 2 or 3 Seater

This sofa can be used for 2 to 3 people. This sofa is also very suitable for use in the garden. This is because the sofa is made of a very soft material that will make it comfortable for those who sit on it. Besides, the use of sofas in the garden will also add the impression of luxury and elegance. This sofa is perfect for enjoying time alone or gathering together with family or friends. Garden couch can also be used for parties with outdoor themes such as birthday celebrations, weddings, proposals, and so on. Or, a garden sofa is also very useful for doing photoshoots. For those of you who want to use a garden sofa, you should always keep this sofa from getting wet in the rain.


Wooden garden chairs

Other types of garden sofa and chairs are made of wood. This chair is very commonly used in the garden. This wooden garden chair functions to make the garden look more natural. Also, the price of wooden garden chairs is certainly more affordable and economical so you do not need to pay a large enough cost. Even though it is made of wood, this chair is still comfortable when someone sits on it. In addition to its advantages, this wooden garden chair also has disadvantages. First, the chair will be porous if it is too often exposed to rain and the place is very humid. Secondly, this chair can be easily damaged if exposed to termites. Therefore, you must add anti-termite medication first to this wooden garden chair. Usually, this chair is made of teak wood to make it stronger.


Iron garden chairs

Besides being made of wood, garden chairs can also be made of iron. This iron garden chair is the most commonly used. This is because this chair is more powerful to accommodate very heavy loads. Besides, this chair is also not porous or easily damaged so it is more durable. This chair can also add the beauty of the park if given a white or black color. Behind the advantages, iron garden chairs still have shortcomings that are easy to rust. Even so, this park chair also has a lot of shapes and looks very unique.

Those are some types of garden sofa and chairs that can be used as inspiration. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, whatever the type of choice, you must keep it very well so that it is not easily damaged.


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