4 Ways to Know the Price of Land in an Area

JAKARTA – 4 ways to know the land price in an important area. This is to get an idea of ​​what property prices are in the area of ​​interest.

In addition, in selling a house, we must also understand how to calculate the price of land. This is important so that the land you sell has the right price, so that buyers are interested in buying the land and you do not lose when selling land, houses, and other properties.

For this reason, generally we will make efforts such as seeking price information from related parties, for example through the sub-district office or banking.

Now if you don’t understand how to determine the price of land when selling a house or specifically for land, now you don’t need to be confused anymore.

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Because it turns out there are several ways that can be done to find out the market price. Read carefully the following 4 ways to find out the price of land in an area:

1. On-site Survey

The simplest way to find out the market price is to conduct a direct survey to the location of the land being sold.

When conducting the survey, you can ask local residents about market prices around the area.

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In practice, the land price per meter may exceed the benchmark price. This of course can happen, because the market is determined by the amount of demand and supply.

If there is more demand, then the price will go up and of course it will be expensive. Meanwhile, if more and more people offer their land, then the price of land can go down, because people are busy selling it. Therefore, the market price can also be used as a benchmark when calculating the price of land when buying land.

By observing the land price of the area, we will know how much the land price per meter is generally in that area. So, we know how to find out the price of land in an area. Not expensive, and thankfully can be cheaper.

The price of land in an area is also determined by the availability of public facilities and social services.

For example, for residential areas. Strategic facilities, for example, are supported by schools, markets, hospitals, pharmacies, crowd centers, toll gate access, train stations, and others. As for commercial property, it usually concerns business services. For example, ports, airports, government offices, or business centers (Central Business District).

Don’t forget to check whether the location of the land is close to public facilities, because the more strategic the location of the land, the more expensive the price.

In addition, compare the area of ​​land sold in the local area with other land areas so you can determine what the right price is for the land.

2. Go to the nearest land office

Another way that you can do is to visit the local land office.

The land office or the National Land Agency (BPN) is an official institution that takes care of recording, registering, and collecting data on community land.

This makes it an important place to visit. The land office is important to know the market price of land in an area.

The price set by BPN must also be right because the land office always provides the community with the latest prices.

Don’t forget to visit the nearest BPN from the land location so you can find out the right price.

3. Consultation with the Land Notary

Notaries not only serve as intermediaries or witnesses, but they can also provide information on local land prices.

You can ask the notary what is the appropriate selling price for the land you need according to the location of the land, nearby public facilities, and the size of the land.

In addition to a notary, you can also get this information through a professional property agent.

Generally, property agents will provide input on the selling price of the land you own and that price is usually not far from the market price.

4. Based on Land NJOP

Another way that can be done is by looking at the Sales Value of the Tax Object or NJOP of the land.

NJOP is a letter from the government given to land owners as proof of annual tax payments.

In NJOP you can find various information, ranging from Comparison of Object Prices, New Acquisition Value, and Selling Value of Substitute Tax Objects.

This information can be used as the basis for determining the right price for your land.

How to calculate the land price from the sale value of the NJOP tax object. For example, if you have a land area of ​​500 m2 with a tax value of Rp. 1 million per m2.

From this information, the total price of the land can be calculated as:

500 x 1,000,000 = IDR 500,000,000

This price is the selling price of the land according to the NJOP calculation. But generally the price is the lowest price.

Therefore, people will multiply that price twice as the exact selling price, so that the price of IDR 500 million can become IDR 1 billion.

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