4 Ways for Millennials to Buy Your Dream Home

JAKARTA – Millennials are currently starting to be literate in investment, one of which is property investment. Many dream of having their own residence, be it a house or apartment.

Even though they are currently still renting or contracting, it will be a matter of pride to have a home. If it is calculated, the cost of renting apartments and rented houses is actually much more expensive than paying in installments on your own house or paying cash.

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There are many ways to buy your own home, especially for millennials who want to start investing for the future.

Launching from Usatoday.com, Friday (23/8/2019) here are ways to save money for millennials to be able to buy their own house.

1. Expand Experience

According to a 2017 Survey, most Americans between the ages of 20 and 30 are recognized as having good, well-maintained financial health. With that age, there is plenty of free time to plan to buy a house before getting married.

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Believe me, having your own home at the time of marriage will make you happier.

2. Student Debt Burden

If you are still in the education stage, pay attention to the tuition fees. Because if you borrow money too often for non-essential purposes, you will not be able to save to buy a house of your own at a young age.

3. Get a Side Job

The high unemployment rate makes millennials often change places of work or even have side jobs. That’s because they want to find a place to work with the highest salary to be able to cover their needs as well as to save their dream house.

Dream house

4. Make an Investment

Only 48% of Millennials and Generation X believe that real estate is a better long-term investment than the stock market. According to a survey commissioned by Redfin in December. Therefore, do other investments such as gold or stocks to support your finances to buy a house.

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