4 Most Wanted Home Office Colors to Try

4 Most Wanted Home Office Colors to Try

More people nowadays have offices in their homes, thanks to the rising numbers of digital workers and entrepreneurs. Choosing the right home office colors gives positive impacts on your performance. Depending on your intended effect, a color can energize, calm, relax, or inspire.


New Office Color Trends

Drab grey and white used to be associated with an office. However, the new home office color trends are not afraid to experiment. The recent color trends show bright and bold colors, from blazing red to muted yellow and bold orange. They appear as either main or accent colors.

Benjamin Moore catalogue shows a combination of bold and neutral colors. They reflect optimism and energy, combined with a sense of practicality. These colors are ideal for an office, especially if you are striving to start your own business.

Dark colors, like walnuts or coffee, are surprisingly popular for home offices. Unlike bold shades, the darker ones provide a moody atmosphere. This is a great way to create a more “mature” and elegant look in a home office.

The trick of utilizing bold or dark wall colors is by pairing them with muted shades. Play with bright and neutral or pastel colors to get a balanced look. If your business is related to art, you can be more creative in choosing the color combinations.


Examples of Favorite Home Office Colors

What colors can you try to adorn your home office? Here are several good examples.

1.     Brown for Quiet and Focus Office


Brown shades are popular as the neutral sides of the new color trend. To prevent a boring look, combine several brown shades in a room, and pair them with a darker atmosphere. Try combining a brownish-grey wall with warm-looking brown furniture. Pair them with a patterned floor with the associating shades.


2.     Orange for Warm and Comfortable Office


The zesty orange will energize and inspire you, but too much orange can overstimulate. The trick is using orange as the main accent color. For example, keep the neutral white color as the background walls, but use orange for the wall decoration, upholstery, pillows, and your work chair. Dark grey and muted yellow are ideal to pair with bright orange.


3.     Red for Exciting and Daring Office


If you often feel tired and lethargic, paint your home office red. The color naturally boosts the fighting spirit, a perfect option for a home office. For a less garish look, try a slightly darker shade of red, like cherry, maroon, or brick. Meanwhile, a “brownish-red” shade like rust leans more toward the neutral territory.


4.     Yellow for Positive and Energetic Office


Yellow is a color of sun and summer, radiating positivity, openness, and friendliness. A little addition of bright yellow in your home office will stimulate the brain. Use yellow as the accent color behind your computer desk to attract the eyes. Leave the other parts of the walls in a neutral color. Putting a bright yellow color in front of your working station will reduce distraction and help you focus.


Don’t get stuck with boring grey or neutral colors when decorating your workspace. Creative and bright home office colors will bring positive impacts. Increase your creativity and productivity with the right wall paints.

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