4 Prettiest Fall Door Decoration Ideas

4 Prettiest Fall Door Decoration Ideas

Welcome the fall by decorating your house with a similar spirit. Placing a fall door decoration on the front door instantly brings the autumnal vibe into your house. Having a seasonal front ornament also creates a positive impression, especially if you entertain guests frequently.


DIY Techniques for Fall Door Decorations

Many stores sell seasonal door decorations for the practical. However, you can add a personal touch by making the decoration yourself. Even the simplest design can evoke an autumnal atmosphere with the right materials.

Common materials popular for making fall decorations include:

  • Dry Flowers

Dry fall flowers like asters, pansies, and mums last longer than the fresh versions. Perfect to create a main ornament.

  • Twigs

Twigs and branches become more visible on the trees during fall. Incorporate them in your decoration to evoke a common fall look.

  • Craft Logs

Craft logs are available at art and craft stores. They are ideal for a decorative panel base.

  • Wicker Baskets

People use wicker baskets to gather fruits or flowers during the fall. Use them to create a rustic feel in a fall decoration.

  • Dried Leaves

Dried leaves are common materials in fall decorations. You can dry leaves by microwaving or pressing them. Iron the leaves and apply glycerin to keep their conditions for the decorations.

Other materials you must prepare include typical craft supplies, such as twines, hot glues, nails, paints, brushes, box cutters, and such.


Examples of Fall Door Decorations

If you need inspiration for easy, beautiful fall decorations, observe these four examples of door decorations.

1. Flower Wreaths with Decorative Logs


This front door decoration combines two main elements: simple flower wreaths and decorative logs. The two flowers have different colors and sizes for an asymmetrical look. You can stencil or paint letters on the craft logs to form any words. In this photo, the logs were used to display “FALL” using neutral brown colors.


2. Greeting Disc with Pinecones and Cotton Flowers


This decoration gives an autumnal cheer with a “Hello Fall!” greeting on a large disc. A large ring became the base for the “canvas”, similar to a frame and hoop for embroidery. The top part is decorated with a fall wreath, made from pinecones and small flowers made of cotton.


3. Cheerful Flower Basket


A basket of flowers is simple but creating a strong impression. This decoration consists of a wicker basket full of autumnal flowers. You don’t need to stick with fall flowers. Choose any blooms that have autumnal colors, such as yellow, orange, or scarlet red. Insert a bunch of tall grasses to fill the gaps between the blooms and create strong accents.


4. Greeting Card with Mini Banners


A greeting card-style decoration is a straightforward way to welcome your guests. Cardboard is a good base for the card, although you can use hard carton. Choose a brightly-colored paper and decorate the top with tiny banners. Make the card quite big to help guests read the greeting easier.


A fall door decoration offers double advantages: decorating the house and welcoming the guests. Try these projects at home and create simple but precious fall decorations to welcome the fall at your front door.

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