4 Tips For Small Bathroom And Toilet Design

4 Tips For Small Bathroom And Toilet Design

Minimalist homes are often the choice of place to stay for newlyweds. This is because the size of a minimalist home is very sufficient, not too big or small. Usually, in a minimalist home only has a few rooms such as living room, 1 or 2 rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. The size of each room is also not too big, especially for the bathroom. In general, the bathroom of this minimalist house has the smallest size when compared to other rooms. But you don’t need to be concerned because it can be overcome by changing it to make it look wider. Here are 4 tips for small bathroom and toilet design.


Give white color

White is a very neutral color and is suitable for bathroom applications. This is because the white color will give the room a cleaner and brighter look. Besides, the white color can also make the bathroom look wider than the real size. The provision of white is not always only on the walls, but you can also use a variety of furniture for white toilets such as sinks, toilets, even ceramics.


Set a large mirror to the wall

The second tip for small bathroom and toilet design is the use of mirrors. This mirror will be very helpful in creating the impression of a wider bathroom. This is because the mirror has a function to reflect shadows so that the room looks bigger. Choose a mirror that has a size large enough and attach it directly to the front wall of the sink. Or, you can also choose a mirror that matches the size of the sink.


Use the Shower

For those of you who have a small bathroom, the use of this shower is very appropriate. The use of this shower does not require a large enough space because this object will be hung on the wall. Therefore, you do not need to use a bathtub that will require a lot of space. The use of this bathtub will make the bathroom more narrow. Besides, the use of a shower will also make the bathroom and toilet at home more elegant and classic. Another benefit of using a shower is that it will be easier for you to clean the bathroom.


Use minimalist furniture

If the bathroom has a small size, then use very minimalist furniture. The point is to use furniture that is not too take place in the bathroom. You can use furniture with the right size. However, you can also use multifunctional furniture which, although it has a small size, can be used for various things. You can choose the toilet furniture according to its placement (on the floor or hung on the wall).

Those are some tips for a small bathroom and toilet design for a minimalist home. Besides, you can also add other accessories such as green plants in it so that the bathroom feels more fresh and beautiful. You can put greenery in various angles such as near a window or on a table, sink, and toilet.







pict source : guiaparadecorar.com

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