40 Special Chicken Run Ideas For Your Garden Decoration


Many people like to have a side business, such as caring for flowers, or owning a garden, can also keep cute animals or raise poultry. That activity can be a filler of leisure time. Perfect for people who like to move.

This poultry cage does not smell of dirt, even very clean and neat. This is indeed not just for chickens and ducks. But also for playgrounds for children.

This cage as well as the playground is the idea of ​​a grandparents partner and is embodied here. They want a cute playground for their grandchildren who are funny when they come to visit their house with limited land.

Well, we don’t blame you if you think so especially if you are used to living in urban areas where all places are clean, neat and modern. It is true, a few years ago even today chicken coops and chickens are still identical to the village people, dirty, smelly and disturbing. But now this is no longer valid. Hah, so the chicken and the chicken coop have become fragrant and modern?

Indeed, chickens will not turn out to be modern or fragrant, but that does not mean you can still identify chickens and their cages are pet villagers, dirty, smelly and rundown again. Because if in the past only villagers liked to raise chickens, nowadays many people who live in urban areas who are also interested in raising chickens even develop it into a livestock business.

Chicken cages that function as chicken dwellings must be made in such a way as to pay attention to a number of things so that the chickens that are usually made into chicken fighter can comfortably stay in the cage and not experience stress.

The elements that must be considered in making a chicken coop, first in terms of the material that will be used to make, then the size of the cage is adjusted to the place that will be used to place the cage.


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