5 Breathable Houseplants to Decorate Your Home

5 Breathable Houseplants to Decorate Your Home

A houseplant can bring a fresh look to any house, but some plants provide better air quality than others. Many houseplants decor options feature air-purifying species, creating a better air quality inside your home. You can also use a specific plant’s size and visual characteristics to create a unique decorative element.


Choosing the Right Houseplants for Home

Before choosing a houseplant, consider your ability to maintain it. Some plants have simple looks but require very little care. Other plants have more attractive or intriguing looks, but they are fussy and needing extra attention.

You must also consider the source of natural light, which determines the health of sun-living plants. Some plants may thrive in a semi-darkened room, while others need several hours of bright light daily.

Finally, think about the size of your house. Some people can only keep mini succulents, while others have enough rooms for large tropical indoor plants. Determine the plant type carefully before you bring it into your home.


Ideal Types for Breathable Houseplants

Some plants offer higher breathability points than others. Here are five plant types to improve the air quality in your home.

1.     Aloe vera


Aloe vera has distinctive shapes coming from its jutting leaf formations. The plant is easy to care, and it thrives with bright, indirect light. Aloe vera can inform you about bad air quality by developing brown spots. The leaves contain a cooling gel that can be a great first aid for sunburnt. Simply snip one of the leaves and apply the gel to the reddened, irritated skin.


2.     Anthurium


Anthurium is both beautiful and refreshing, with unique heart-shaped leaves and exotic red flowers. The plant is popular for a gift, symbolizing friendship and good relationships. NASA lists anthurium as one of the great air-purifying plants. It has large, dark green leaves that absorb some dangerous chemical particles in the air.


3.     Ferns


Ferns come in various shapes, sizes, and varieties. They require a little bit more moisture, but not too much as it can cause leaf rot. Ferns have a reputation for being fussy, but you will be rewarded with beautiful, exotic looks. Regal Red Japanese Painted Fern, for example, has unique reddish streaks. Virginia Blue Rabbit’s Feet Ferns are popular for hanging baskets. Beginners can stick with Lemon Button or Asparagus Fern.


4.     Giant Strelitzia nicolai


Want something more eye-catching inside the house? Have Giant Strelitzia nicolai in a large pot. Popularly known as Giant White Bird of Paradise, this exotic tropical plant has attractive large leaves, similar to banana leaves. The flowers resemble the common Bird of Paradise, but white instead of red and yellow. The plant can grow to 6 meters high, great for a two-story house or room with high ceiling.


5.     Grafted Ficus Bonsai


Ficus Bonsai is known as “beginner bonsai”, having beautiful dark leaves and curved trunks. The plant has thick, exposed roots, giving it a unique look when planted on a low planter. You can trim the bonsai to achieve an ideal size, from cute and tiny to large. The bonsai is tolerant to most light and soil conditions, but draft will make its leaves fall.


Choose the right plants to improve the air condition in your house. Consider these houseplants décor options before turning them into permanent indoor fixtures.

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