5 Plants That Make Your Home Cozy and Colored

JAKARTA – The majority of activities during the corona virus pandemic are carried out in House. Therefore, the atmosphere of the house must also be created comfortable and fresh, so that all activities can be fun.

One thing that can be done is to put plants at home. There are various flower plants that can be cared for at home. Moreover, this plant can add color and atmosphere in the room of the house.

Caring for plants in the house does not mean you have to be a plant expert. Because, some plants can still live and adapt to various lighting in the house.

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One of the tips for caring for flowers at home is to separate blooming flowers and yellowing leaves from flowers that are still growing. The point is, so that energy can be fully absorbed for new plants.

Here are 5 plants that can be grown easily at home, as reported by Real Simple, Sunday (12/9/2021),

1. Orchid

Orchid plants are usually the first choice of many people when they want to plant flowers at home.

Although sometimes a “fussy” flower, orchids are actually quite easy to grow with the right care. For example, use the right soil and make sure to water the plant right after the soil dries out.

2. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe has a bright color that varies as it blooms. This makes kalanchoe a pretty standout indoor plant.

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According to horticulturist Joyce Mast, kalanchoe is best placed in the sun. Placing it on a windowsill can be a good idea.

3. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum plants can be an option to easily grow flowers in the room. Even so, Mast says chrysanthemums need a little extra care apart from keeping the soil moist and making sure the pot has good drainage.

4. Cyclamen

Cyclamen is suitable for brightening the atmosphere in cold weather. When it blooms, it looks like a bright heart.

According to Mast, this plant can last about eight weeks with proper growth. You also need to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.

5. Amaryllis

This flower is popular and grows in winter. In Indonesia, amaryllis usually grows in November and December.

To make it bloom well, place the flower in a sunny, south-facing window.

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