5 Tips for Making a Modern Style Kitchen, Don’t Forget to Calculate the Budget

JAKARTA –Tips to make kitchen or renovating the kitchen to make it look attractive and modern will be reviewed in this article.

Before buying furniture or doing placement it would be nice for you to make a plan first. Also adjust to the desired kitchen needs

And here are the tips for making or renovating a kitchen that have been summarized: OkayzoneSaturday (8/1/2022).

1. Cost Planning

Planning a budget before starting is the very first step and is very necessary. Plan everything needed in the construction of your kitchen.

Arrangements for construction funds such as for example 29% of the total budget for furniture and cabinets, 22% for installation and design, 16% for ceilings, walls and floors. And 9% for electrical and lighting installations.

And make sure the budget planning can be used as a guide.

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2. Record Priorities

Decide priorities in building your kitchen, such as purchasing cabinets, wall paint, other kitchen equipment, or the desired kitchen layout.

And make a list of which parts must be completed first. Coordinate with the contractor who will make the kitchen.

3. Research and Find Inspiration

Try to find information about kitchen equipment, kitchen layouts, kitchen designs and so on. You can look for this information on the internet or come directly to the store to see it firsthand.

Thus you will get ideas or inspiration in building the ideal kitchen.

4. Get Kitchen Plans and Layouts

After getting inspired with a picture of the ideal kitchen, also determine the location of windows, doors, plumbing, electrical outlets and others. Also include the size of the kitchen utensils.

And must also pay attention to the layout according to the size of the kitchen. This layout depends on your usage and mobility in the kitchen.

5. Select a Contractor and Start the Process

The next step is to choose a contractor or worker to build the kitchen. In choosing a contractor or worker to build a kitchen, you also need accuracy.

Make sure the contractor is experienced, seeing their previous work can be a way to see their experience. Then coordinate well with the contractor the desired kitchen.

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