6 Amazing Feature Walls for Every Room in Your Home

6 Amazing Feature Walls for Every Room in Your Home

A feature wall has a different color or decoration from the other walls in a room. Therefore, a feature wall’s room always looks distinctive compared to the one with conventional walls. There are many ways to create a feature wall, such as choosing different paint, wallpaper, wall panels, and distinctive decorations.

Choose between these six ideas to create a unique room with a feature wall.

1.     Feature Wall with Herringbone Pattern


Herringbone is a subtle but iconic pattern, and you can use it to create a feature wall for any room. Wooden herringbone panels are subtle but still attractive, which you can combine with any color schemes or interior types. Make your feature wall more interesting by adding custom texts with bright colors.


2.     Feature Wall with Hexagon Floor Tile


Hexagon is a favorite tile shape for contemporary floor designs, but you can use it for a feature wall. Create a continuous design by installing a hexagon floor and hexagon-patterned wallpaper. Use white hexagonal shapes with thin outlines to create a subtle look. If you want to add a little glam, use gold lines for the hexagon shapes.


3.     Feature Wall with Rustic Wood Shingle


If your taste leans to a rustic look, use wood shingles as your feature wall. Wood shingles create an almost tropical look, especially if you pair them with indoor plants. The rich textures of this material help to “fill” the empty spaces in your room. You can focus on simpler and subtler design for the other parts of the room. For example, wood shingles can be good companions for a minimalist bedroom. Creative homeowners can even get wood shingles from construction projects or repurposed wood.


4.     Feature Wall with Shiplap


Shiplap boards are commonly used in barnyards, outbuildings, and sheds. Adding shiplap boards to your feature wall creates a subtle rustic feel. To make the wall less boring, you can paint the shiplap wall with your favorite color, leaving the other walls bare. For example, painting a shiplap wall Navy blue creates a cool, moody atmosphere. You can improve the design by adding sea-related ornaments or decorations.


5.     Feature Wall in Odd Angled Wall


Do you have an empty loft space with awkward angled wall? Turn the odd part into a feature wall. Adding a fresh texture or color will turn the “problematic” wall into a work of art. Use wallpaper for easier installation and more design variations, You can create a “forest cabin” look by choosing a tree wallpaper, or make a modern ceiling room with abstract/geometric patterns.


6.     Feature Wall Using Washi Tape


Join the washi tape craft trend by using it for decorating a wall. You can use washi tape strips to create colorful patterns on a wall. Combine several strips of washi tape in a small cluster, with different colors and widths. Repeat this pattern until you get a consistent pattern on the feature wall. Use pre-drawn lines to make sure that your washi tape strips have good alignments. Combine any colors you like to match with the interior.


Decorating feature wall’s room requires creativity to get a distinctive room design. Try one of these ideas to create an attractive, eye-catching design with an exceptional focal point.

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