6 Ways to Decorate a Room to Maintain Children’s Health

JAKARTA – The bedroom is a place for children to grow and develop. Especially if the age of the child is still young or still a baby. Design and room decoration be one of the factors.

This is one of the important things that parents should consider. It turns out that you should not carelessly choose paint for a child’s room. Because the choice of paint and materials in the room affects the health of children.

Launching from House Beautiful, Thursday (12/31/2020) the following paints and decorations are safe to use for children’s rooms.

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1. Choose Organic Paint Ingredients

Parents should be careful choosing wall paint materials. Because some paints contain harmful chemicals. Can cause disruption of the respiratory health of children.

Use wall paint with organic ingredients without VOCs. Not only healthier, this paint also dries quickly.

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2. Use Light Colors

The use of bright color paint in the bedroom affects the development of children. One of them is blue, which has always been a mainstay of paint in any room in the house, including the bedroom.

There’s a reason blue is so popular, because the reflection of the color blue can affect health. Blue keeps the brain awake and focused, while warm light promotes relaxation and prepares the brain for sleep.

3. Use Warm Colored Lights

To sleep better, choose lights with warm colors. Do not use lamps with high wattage and too bright.

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This will affect the quality of the child’s sleep. If the child sleeps well, the development of the brain and body will be good.

4. Choose Natural Decoration

When children are babies and toddlers all decorations can be used as their toys. Choose non-toxic furniture made from natural materials.

Also pay attention to the carpet material. Easy-to-clean natural fibers, such as wool, are great choices for carpets that don’t emit harmful chemicals.

5. Choose the Right Mattress

Buy a mattress that has good quality, with materials that are not harmful to children. Coil and foam crib mattresses are still considered safe to use. Do not use a used mattress. Because it can lose its firmness and become a place for bacteria to grow.

When buying a new crib mattress, also consider a mattress that has two sides. The sturdy side is recommended for use by newborns. Softer side, can be used for toddlers.

6. Clean Room

After the walls are painted and the furniture is installed, it’s time to clean the room so that the air quality in the room is good to breathe. Also use chemical-free cleaners.

Cleansers formulated with thymol are natural alternatives that are safe to use around children. Made with oil from the thyme plant.

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