7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Property Investment


Property investment is one type of investment that is quite promising. Here are 7 reasons why you should make the property sector an investment choice. Photo/Doc

JAKARTAProperty investment is one type of investment that is quite promising. Because investment property make it easy for you to earn passive income and also provide many long term benefits.

As for many investors who choose to invest in the property sector in order to secure their assets from the threat of inflation. Then, what are the advantages of property investment?

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Quoted from Knight Frank, Sunday (11/07/2021), the following are the advantages of property investment:

1. Prices Always Rise, Investment Values ​​Always Increase

As we know, if the price of land always increases every year, this is an advantage if you choose to invest in property. The price of land or property prices is increasing or increasing every year. The value of the property when it is sold is still higher than the initial purchase price.

2. Long Term Investment

There are two types of investment, namely long-term investment and short-term investment. Long-term investments are usually chosen to be used as assets in the future. Property investment is included as a long-term investment, because the development every year always increases well.

3. Have a Large Capital Gain

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