7 Things That Can Beautify Your Home Page, Anything?

JAKARTA – The yard is the most suitable place to play with children. Great place to spend time with family especially on weekends. But, you must always care for and maintain the beauty of your home page.

It’s no secret that caring for and maintaining a garden and yard is a tiring thing. Therefore, you can do light things that can make your home page awake.

Want to know what it is? Check out 7 ways to beautify your home as reported by Solopos, Jakarta, Sunday (22/8/2021).

1. Decorate with plants

Growing plants can be a tedious endeavor that depends on sunlight, percentage of clay, and other factors. So, instead of designing your home page with expensive exotic plants, it is better to replace them with local plants. The use of local plants has better resistance and is more likely to grow because it is in accordance with the temperature and environment. You can try to grow ornamental tea plants that are easy to grow in the territory of Indonesia. In addition, you can also plant various types of flowers.

2. Combine with artificial grass

Artificial grass is the best and easiest solution to free your life from the routine of mowing the grass. After all, there’s nothing wrong with getting around your own home page in this way. Especially now that there are artificial grass carpets that look very similar to real grass.

3. Make room for play

Basically, the garden in the yard is an outdoor space that is a means of outdoor activities with the family. Especially if you and your family are the type who really likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, of course an outdoor living space is very important. Want to install a hammock, decorate with tables and lounge chairs, a swimming pool or a bonfire, even a kitchen and a pergola, you can do everything. However, make sure your plan is kept simple so that the installation and maintenance process is not a hassle.

4. Don’t water too often

If you are tired of watering the plants in the yard, then reduce the routine. Excessive watering of plants is also not good for the yard because it can invite pests, decay, to wild growth. Instead of a manual watering process, you can install an automatic watering system whose tools you can easily get at hardware stores.

5. Use rocks as decoration

Rocks can be an alternative if the soil in your yard is difficult to plant with natural grass. The rocks will make your yard look classic and elegant. But you have to arrange the rocks or pebbles neatly. Don’t let the rocks make the children fall because of the scattered rocks.

6. Use contrasting color choices

Combining dark and light colors can be one way that you can use and requires a budget that is not too much. In this way, you can categorize any space on your home page and make it look neater. Consider highlighting the walkways in the yard with sawdust that contrasts with the grass or use decorative lighting.

7. The yard must be made drought resistant

The lush green lawns and shrubs do look more beautiful to look at. However, you certainly know how difficult the treatment process is and how much the maintenance costs. As a home page design solution, you can practice xeriscaping, which is the practice of using drought-resistant plants. You can bring succulents or ornamental grasses to keep your yard beautiful and maintenance costs cheap.

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