7 Types of Floors and Their Benefits

JAKARTA Floor at home very influential on the comfort of every occupant. This means that homeowners must pay attention to the type and basic material of the floor to be used.

Each type of floor has a texture, resistance and motif of each form. So, you can adjust it according to your budget so that it doesn’t make your pocket hole.

Quoting from Solopos.com, before determining the type of floor for the house, let’s look at the explanation fromdekoruma.com regarding the types of house floors based on the material, Saturday (28/8/2021):

1. Ceramic floor

Ceramic floor designs are the most commonly found in homes. One of the reasons is because there are many interesting ceramic floor motifs. Ceramic floors are suitable for use in minimalist bathrooms because they do not absorb a lot of water, choose one with a slightly rough texture so that it is not slippery.

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On the other hand, ceramic floors should not be applied to bedrooms because they are easy to experience sudden changes in temperature so they are easily broken and uncomfortable to be stepped on when the temperature is unstable or at night. This type of floor is included in the low budget category.

2. Carpet floor

Speaking of warm floors, carpet floors may be the champion. In addition, the carpet floor design also has a variety of motifs and colors that are easy to harmonize with the interior style of the room. There are several things you need to consider when choosing a carpet floor design. Choosing a floor design with the right carpet can make the room look spacious.

Do not use carpet floor designs in wet areas such as bathrooms because they absorb a lot of water. It’s also best not to use carpets in children’s rooms because the dust and dirt that lodges on the carpet floor are easier for children to breathe.

3. Natural stone floor

The design of natural stone floors is one that has been tested for durability. There are various types of natural stone that are suitable for each function of space based on their nature and texture. Although natural stone floors are easy to clean, you have to be careful because natural stone absorbs stains more easily. You should not use it in a room that is prone to stains such as the kitchen.

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4. Marble floor

Marble is a type of natural stone that is relatively more expensive than other types of natural stone. Not only for floors, this type of natural stone ceramics is often used as a sweetener in the interior of the house. The advantage of the marble floor design is that the motifs and colors are quite diverse and the patterns are connected.

Marble floors are also very strong in withstand heavy loads and resistant to fire. But remember, don’t install marble floors for outdoor because they are easy to mold and fade if they are often exposed to the sun.

5. Granite floor

As one of the most popular types of floor designs, granite floor designs do look luxurious because they are more glossy. Granite floors have a denser texture than marble, making them suitable for areas exposed to a lot of water such as bathrooms. Granite floors are also easier to clean.

In addition, granite floors are also harder so they are not easily scratched. Most granite floor designs also feature soft colors and bold motifs so that the floor design looks elegant.

6. Wooden floor

The warm and natural wood floor design fits perfectly in the bedroom. In addition, the wooden floor is resistant to temperature changes so it is comfortable when stepped on. So that the wooden floor is scratch-resistant and not easily porous, applying a coating is a must.

7. Brick floors

The bricks are made of burnt clay. Clay floors are easy to shape, including imitating the design of wooden floors. The clay floor design is suitable to be applied in a room that is exposed to a lot of water, such as a bathroom. In addition to giving a cool natural impression, clay floors are also easy to clean.

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