7 Home Decor Trends 2021, Neon Lights Shine Again

JAKARTA – Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, almost all activities have been shifted to homes. No wonder the 2021 home design trend focuses on home comfort.

Warm colors and vintage accessories are d├ęcor that will be popular in 2021. Home decorating trends for 2021 are all about creating a home that is comfortable and functional, and represents the owner’s personality.

Launching from Real Simple, Thursday (12/31/2020) the following are the 2021 home decor trends.

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1. Neutral Color Bedroom

Earth tones, including beige, brown, and terracotta, will continue to be popular in 2021. A recurring trend is home decor with shades of brown, warm taupes, beiges, sands, and other earth tones.

2. Japandi

A combination of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism. The Japanese style is synonymous with smooth lines and the use of a neutral color palette. After going through a turbulent 2020, this combination of Japanese decor is able to create a calming atmosphere in the house.

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3. Neon Light

Neon colors and decorations are back in popularity today. Neon lights are also a trend and are one of the home decorations that are hunted by millennials. Brighten up 2021 with fluorescent lighting fixtures.

4. Balcony Tile Table

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, all activities have been shifted to home. This makes people take advantage of all the rooms in the house, such as in the backyard, terrace, and balcony. To complement the comfort of outdoor activities, it is recommended to use a tiled table as a decoration.

5. Doors and Barriers

A unified room would be better insulated using a wooden divider, because since the pandemic all activities have been shifted to the house. So many rooms were remodeled and made into new rooms. Such as for workplaces and sports venues.

6. Large Tiles in the Bathroom

Use large tiles for bathroom floor materials. Large tiles can help visually expand a small space. It also makes it easier for the owner to clean the bathroom.

7. Grand Millennial Style Living Room

Millennials are starting to like decorating in a vintage style. Inspired by the comforts of Grandma’s home. Where there is a velvet sofa, embroidery, and flower-patterned curtains. Combine it with a touch of old school patterns with modern colors.

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