70 Garden Art From Junk Design Ideas


Using used goods and making them as crafts requires high creativity. By changing something that is not valuable into something interesting and has value, it requires a high level of creativity.

The idea of ​​making a craft is usually by imitating existing handicrafts or by modifying the shape or material. Often we get the idea of ​​making handicrafts from used goods through pictures or information that we get.

The idea of ​​garden garbage is an artistic way to turn your old household items into assets. The idea of ​​a garbage garden with countless old household items. Let your garden be your expression. Make decorations from your old items to ensure that your garden design is unique. If you have a garden fence, you can decorate it with bird houses, mirrors or chairs or use unusual flower growers such as old boots, push carts, old drawers and even old computer monitors and sinks. Consider the overall shape and design of objects to determine where the object will fit in your garden. You can read my another article about 50 EXCITED GARDEN ART IDEAS.

Examples of this rising art include the use of old stairs as a flower stand and decorating vines on old shutters like curtains. You can fill the old metal tub with pot soil and then grow pink and purple petunias. This recycling method is environmentally friendly because garbage is used to beautify garden spaces rather than stacked in landfills.


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