Are There Disadvantages of Living in a Townhouse? This is the explanation

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Living in a small housing complex with complete facilities or commonly called a townhouse, is indeed very tempting. However, there are some drawbacks to staying in a townhouse. What are these drawbacks? Check out the following explanation.

Expensive price

To get high-quality housing with a promising environment and security, of course, you have to pay a lot of money. The price of one unit of townhouse houses tends to be more expensive than houses in general housing.

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The high price of townhouses is caused by several factors. First, land prices tend to be high. Townhouses are generally built in the city center which are close to various public facilities. The more facilities that are easily accessible, the price of land also tends to rise.

In addition, the house building factor also makes housing units in townhouses more expensive. The house unit was designed by an architect with a large and multi-storey building. This house is built with high quality materials so the costs tend to be more expensive.

Fixed Unit Display

With an offer in the form of a building designed by an architect and looks exclusive, this residential concept has shortcomings in its appearance. The appearance of housing units in townhouses cannot be changed into one of the drawbacks of living in townhouses.

This is a rule that characterizes townhouses. You are not allowed to change the faade of your townhouse house. But you don’t need to hesitate because the townhouse house has an attractive design with good quality materials so it rarely requires renovation.

High Monthly Maintenance Fee (IPL)

Again, financial problems became a disadvantage for the townhouses. Living in a townhouse means that you have to be prepared to pay a large monthly maintenance fee. When compared to regular housing, the dues in townhouses tend to be more expensive.

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Many things must be paid together to maintain the exclusivity of the townhouse. All the facilities available in the townhouse require maintenance at a cost that is not small. This fee is charged to all residents of the townhouse and is paid in dues.

Not only building facilities. Security facilities also require high maintenance costs. To maintain the professionalism of the security officers in the townhouse, the price to be paid is not cheap, especially since the guard lasts 24 hours non-stop.

Lack of Community Outreach Activities

For those of you who like to socialize with neighbors and local residents, living in a townhouse doesn’t seem right for you. Townhouses are generally inhabited by the upper middle class who usually have a busy schedule of activities so they are rarely at home.

The busyness of townhouse residents makes residents generally do not have enough time to socialize with neighbors around the house. This is one of the disadvantages of living in a townhouse related to the lack of a sense of kinship between neighbors.

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