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Various types of housing are now offered as attractive housing. One type of residence that is widely discussed is a townhouse. What is a townhouse? You can see some information about townhouses in the following review.

Definition of Townhouse

Townhouse is a residential concept in the form of a small complex with a number of houses less than 30 units. These houses are built in a row with walls attached to each other (joint or couple walls).

Townhouses which are also known as Bandar houses, at first glance, are almost the same as housing in general. However, the townhouse looks more exclusive with a uniform home design and a neat layout.

This small housing concept complex is called muster. Each cluster has a trusted security system with 24-hour guard, as well as more complete supporting facilities. You can enjoy facilities such as swimming pool, playground, and other facilities in one muster.

Townhouse History

The townhouse concept originated in America, named the row house. Row means row and house means house, so basically, the concept of this house is a row of houses with the same design. However, row houses do not sell well in Indonesia, so they are popularized as townhouses.

This residential concept entered Indonesia in the 1990s as a residence for expatriates. This makes the townhouse have a strategic location close to all public facilities such as office facilities, education, health, shopping centers, and so on.

In its development, townhouses in Indonesia are confused with other housing concepts. Townhouses that should have only a few houses for more efficient care, have now become larger, reaching 100 housing units per muster.

Townhouse concept

What is a townhouse can also be known by recognizing the real townhouse concept. Townhouses were built as a residential concept in the form of a row of houses with the same design and area, where this should not be changed.

You are not allowed to renovate or remodel the townhouse house design. But you don’t need to worry, because every building in the townhouse is designed by a reliable architect and built with high-quality materials so that the quality of the building doesn’t need to be doubted.

The townhouse area also adopts the concept of a one gate system, where every mobility in and out of the muster can only go through one gate. At this gate there is a guard who will ensure everyone who enters and leaves the cluster so that security is maintained.

Townhouse Location

In general, townhouses are built in the downtown area, where access to public facilities is easy to reach. Townhouses tend to be built in locations close to facilities ranging from education, health, offices, shopping centers, and various other facilities.

This has more or less an influence on the price of housing units in townhouses, which tend to be expensive. But now many people who do not understand what a townhouse is, think that townhouses can be located anywhere as long as they do not violate the basic rules of townhouses.

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