How to Design a Portuguese Style House? Here’s the review

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The Portuguese style house has a pretty interesting design style. The design with European characteristics can be packaged into a minimalist, luxurious or classic model. There are various design arrangements that can give the impression of Portugal. How about more details? Here’s a little review

Natural Walls Without Paint

Portugal is a country that is still in the European continent. This makes the Portuguese style house still has a fairly uniform style with neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Photo by Ibrahim Rifat on unsplash

The Portuguese-style house design still uses a natural atmosphere to add to its distinctive impression. One of them is by letting the walls made of bricks remain natural without being covered with paint.

This natural-looking wall will make a Portuguese-style house more alive. The visible bricks will make the house look more classic but simple.

Use Dark Color Paint More Often

As explained above, the Portuguese style house prioritizes walls that show neatly arranged bricks. Homeowners also prefer to leave it without paint so it looks more natural.

The use of paint for the design of this house is very minimalist. One of them is to color the goal or other accents.

The colors used are also not too bright. Most of the colors used are dark green and maroon which seem more alive.

Homepage Equipped with Various Flowers

Still the same as other European styles, the Portuguese style is also more impressive if it is equipped with a large yard. The condition of this yard can be used to develop diverse vegetation.

Photo by Ana Teixeira on unsplash

Given that the walls of the house and the exterior color seem to have a dark color, the vegetation on the home page can be used to help provide a more lively atmosphere. One solution is that you can add flowering vegetation with bright petals in your yard.

Make this spacious home page a garden so that it doesn’t look like much empty space and looks lonely. Trees that are large enough are also suitable to be placed in a large yard to make it cooler and more beautiful.

Having a Chimney as a Characteristic

Photo by Vu Anh on unsplash

So that the impression of Europe is still attached, the Portuguese style house also deserves to be equipped with a chimney. Usually, this is placed at the top next to the roof of the house.

Basically this chimney is intended for a fireplace when winter comes. However, for homes in the tropics that do not experience winter, the presence of this chimney is quite interesting to be used as an exterior design for a Portuguese-style house.

So, in principle, this chimney is just an accent that is used to add to the aesthetic value of the Portuguese-style exterior roof design. The size of this chimney also needs to be adjusted so that it is proportional to the house.

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