Luxury and Elegant Apartment Balcony Decoration Inspiration

Luxury apartments usually have an elegant design, as well as on the balcony.

In general, the balcony is narrow, but most luxury apartments have a fairly large size.

The balcony of the apartment can be a place to relax in the morning, afternoon or evening while enjoying the view.

You can also conjure up a luxury apartment balcony with the right decorations and decorations to make it even more beautiful.

If you don’t have ideas for decorations, in this article I will review some inspiration for luxurious balcony decorations that can be interesting references. Check out the full review below.

Decor Luxury Apartment Balcony

Decorative lights

luxury apartment balcony

Light tumblr is one of the decorative chandeliers that can be a decoration for a luxury apartment balcony.

You can use a variety of other decorative lights for balcony lighting as well as unique decorations.

luxury apartment balcony

If you want to have a more dramatic look, you can use spotlights from the corners of the balcony. Spotlights are not only located on the floor but can also be placed on the balcony ceiling.

Balcony Bar

luxury apartment balcony

Balcony bar is indeed a decoration that is rarely heard in Indonesia. However, this idea has been widely applied abroad.

Initiated by Arjen Spijkerman and Daan Meijners of Amsterdam, balcony bar is a functional table that can be mounted on your balcony railing.

Its unique placement can save space on the balcony and provide flexibility to access it.

You can complete balcony bar with a small high chair, so the balcony of your luxury apartment can be the perfect area for outdoor dining.

Sky Garden

luxury apartment balcony

Confused about decorating the balcony of your luxury apartment? Just try ornamental plants!

Yes, you can create your own garden on the balcony. With concept sky gardenYou can put a variety of beautiful living plants in pots so that the apartment balcony will have a refreshing natural feel.

Complete hanging plants or vines in the corner of the balcony to beautify the appearance that makes us feel at home relaxing for a long time spot the.

Small Sofa and Table

luxury apartment balcony

Placing a small sofa on the balcony of a luxury apartment will give the impression cozy on occupancy.

That way, you can enjoy the outside view very comfortably. Especially if there is a small bistro table in the same color as the sofa.

You can make the balcony of the apartment as a spot relax and spend time with family.

Luxury Apartment Recommendations

luxury apartment balcony

Upper West BSD City

After reviewing decorating inspiration on apartment balconies, the following are recommendations for luxury apartments that can be your reference.

In the first recommendation there are Upper West BSD City designed by Peter Engstrom of the architectural firm Aedas. The result is an apartment with a world-class design.

This apartment has SOHO and SOHO Premium types with different price variants. To meet the living needs of residents, there are internal facilities that can be enjoyed.

Includes, gym, sky pool, yoga terrace, breakout spacesBBQ pavilion, communal kitchen, experience lounge etc.

Casa de Parco BSD City

Casa de Parco BSD is an apartment that has a luxurious balcony. Located in the BSD area, this residence is a step towards AEON Mall, The Breeze, Ice BSD City and office areas such as Green Office Park and Foresta Business Loft.

This apartment has a modern and elegant design, with a high rise building. The facilities are also very complete like a one-star hotel, including: thematic swimming pool, jogging track and gyms.

With a super luxurious balcony, you can relax and enjoy city view the beautiful one. Casa de Parco BSD could be the ideal apartment choice for a pleasant living experience.

That’s information about decorating a luxury apartment balcony for you. Hopefully it can be an inspiration yes!

Find a wide selection of apartments with other balconies only at Indonesia.

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