Intend to build a house, don’t be afraid to use the services of an architect


A house is a long-term investment that has high value, so designing and building a house should not be careless. Photo/doc

JAKARTAHouse is a long-term investment that has high value so that designing and building a house should not be careless. Therefore, using the services of an architect is the right solution to realize the dream dwelling.

Architect services are needed to help homeowners realize the design of the house as desired. But apparently, there are still many people who do not dare to use the services of architects because they do not know for sure the cost of architect services. (Read: The Importance of Teaching Children to Take Care of the Oral)

The majority of architects usually offer their services in the form of design drawings. From the design drawings, they offer the price of their services with various methods, one of which is the calculation per square meter. From this calculation, the architect makes the fee for his services.

For example, if an architect designs a House After the design is finished, it can be seen that the building area of ​​the house reaches 200 square meters. So, the calculation of the tariff is the building area multiplied by the benchmark price per meter determined by the architect. For the benchmark size per meter from the architect himself, it varies from IDR 100,000 to IDR 200,000 per square meter.

“If it’s expensive or not, most people see that using an architect is expensive. But later it turns out to be much cheaper, because we avoid things that can happen if we don’t use an architect,” said architect Andesita Oki.

Examples of problems that will be faced if you do not use an architect, among others, the flow of the room becomes unsightly so that the construction must be repeated. (Also read: Indonesia’s Education World Doesn’t Have a Clear Road Map)

Adesita admitted that every architect has a different price. “When it comes to budget issues, every architect has their own rate. I definitely refer to the architect’s ties, normally architects,” he added.

The more land and buildings to be designed, the more expensive it will cost you. “Calculating the architect’s fee from the building area. It’s cheap. You see, every architect is different, like I said, it looks expensive at first, we avoid effects if we don’t use a designer later,” he explained.

Then, apart from land and buildings, what makes an architect on the list of the highest paying jobs? One of them, the idea is the thing that makes the architect’s work considered expensive. “In addition to the idea, the knowledge of the architect himself. What is important is that the owner of the house is satisfied with the design. If the calculation is Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 200,000 per square meter, if the total is Rp. 10 million, everything can still be discussed with the architect,” he said. . (Also read: Safe and Comfortable Holidays During a Pandemic)

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