Make the Bedroom Comfortable, Pay Attention to the Lighting to the Mattress

JAKARTA Bedroom is the favorite room that is most often occupied. After a day of activities, the bedroom becomes a place to rest.

Therefore, the bedroom must have a comfortable and calming impression. The comfort of the room is obtained from the room decorations that make residents feel at home for long in it.

Reporting from Home Design Lover, Monday (12/21/2020), here are tips and tricks for decorating the bedroom.

1. Choose the right color

In choosing colors for the bedroom, make sure to use neutral colors, warm colors, and pastel colors. Use these color choices on walls, ceilings, and furniture.

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Avoid using bright colors because it tends to be difficult to sleep well. The bedroom must be made comfortable so that the occupants are calm and relaxed.

2. Comfortable bed

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. If the area of ​​​​the room is not too large, avoid using a large bed because it will make the room narrow.

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Choose the right bed size. In accordance with the size of the room and the size of the occupants. In addition, choose a good mattress. A soft and comfortable mattress will help make you sleep more soundly.

3. Nice wall decoration

Some people choose to decorate the walls using wallpaper or paint them artistically with a unique texture. Of course this costs more.

To save costs, some people choose to use paint instead. However, with the right paint and additional decorations such as paintings or unique photo frames can make the walls no less beautiful.

4. Appropriate lighting

Use a light that is not too bright. Avoid high wattage lamps. Also combine it with unique bed lights to beautify the room.

Using this type of lighting will give a good mood to the room. So it is more comfortable to rest and make sleep soundly.

5. Have storage space

Use a versatile wardrobe. Besides being able to accommodate clothes, it can also be a place for storing accessories and other items.

Choose a cupboard with lots of storage, so it can accommodate all the items. Adjust the size of the wardrobe with the size of the room. The bedroom must be arranged properly, so that it is always neat.

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