Here’s how to buy a house with hard cash that you need to know

Search process dream house It’s really difficult, because finding a house at a price that fits your budget takes quite a long time.

Price is often the main consideration, as well as an obstacle when someone wants to buy buy a house.

Therefore, careful financial planning is needed when buying housing so that the funds needed can be fulfilled.

The property financing method in Indonesia itself consists of several schemes, one of which is: cash hard or pay in cash.

Type of payment cash Hard can be a solution for those of you who don’t want to go into debt and buy a house without interest.

Buying a house with cash even hard work is done without risk in the future, which of course can be detrimental to the buyer.

In fact, there are many advantages if you buy a house with cash hard.

For a complete reference, Indonesia will review the meaning, advantages, and procedures for buying a hard cash house.

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What’s that Cash Hard?

what is hard cash

Cash Hard is a payment system for buying property in cash, which is done in less than a month.

The agreement is between the two parties, namely the buyer and the developer.

Buying a house with the system cash Hard funds can be used for those of you who have large funds, so there is no need to pay for property with an installment system.

Interestingly, there are various advantages of the payment system cash hard, including:

  • The price of the house is cheaper, because the developer will usually provide a discount of around 10-15%
  • The purchase process is faster because you don’t have to collect credit requirements documents
  • Buying a house with cash Hard also has a faster process, because the purchase is directly handled by the developer
  • Buyers are free from debt burden, because they make payments without installments and credit interest.

Difference Cash hard and Cash Gradually

Difference between Hard Cash and Gradual Cash

Then, what’s the difference cash hard and cash gradually?

As already mentioned, the payment system Cash hard work is done in cash within one month at the latest.

Whereas cash gradually, payments are made in installments according to the price of the property with a limited period of time.

Usually the time set is around 6-24 months, the payment is adjusted to the amount of interest set by the developer.

Because cash gradually has a shorter time span than buying a house with a mortgage, the amount of down payment paid is quite large, which is around 30-50% of the house price.

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Home Buying Procedure Cash Hard from Developer

Procedure for Buying a Hard Cash Home from the Developer

Before making a choice on your dream home, you should first find out about the credibility of the developer.

The reason is, currently there are many cases of bogus developers who release the responsibility for the work.

Therefore, you need to do a survey and look for trusted developer information carefully.

The recommendations for the best property products from well-known developers in Indonesia are:

Furthermore, there are several procedures that need to be considered when buying a house with the method cash hard, including:

Making a Letter of Agreement

The agreement letter is needed as an agreement document between the developer and the buyer, especially regarding the house payment scheme.

Like a home loan, it requires seller and buyer data, as well as price information in the purchase agreement cash hard.

Pay Booking Fee

Pay booking fee is the procedure for buying a house with hard cash next. Booking fee can be a sign so or an agreement, that you and the seller make a property transaction.

With this money, the buyer agrees to buy housing by cash hard.

Please note, the cost booking fee different from the down payment. The amount paid depends on the agreement of the buyer and seller.

Making Pre-Sales Agreement

After booking fee paid, the next thing is to make a Pre-Sales and Purchase Agreement or PPJB.

To make PPJB, sellers and buyers need the services of a notary as a public official who is authorized to make an authentic deed.

The contents of the PPJB draft that need to be known include:

  • house prices;
  • Information on the personal data of buyers and sellers;
  • House information includes address and unit type;
  • The number of installments and the amount of interest borne (if any);

Sale and Purchase Deed

After all the document requirements are completed, the buyer will get a Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB) made by the developer.

This document serves as a basis, so that the seller and buyer can fulfill their respective obligations in the process of buying and selling property.

AJB can also be used as evidence to claim obligations to negligent parties.

Make sure when buying a house with cash hard, buyers and sellers conduct transactions before a notary as legal witnesses in the eyes of the law.

Well, that’s the information regarding cash hard which can be a reference for you.

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Hopefully the above review is useful, yes.

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