How to Calculate Home Ceiling Installation Work


The ceiling of the house is the divider of the spaces of the house with the roof frame and tap. Photo/caelusgreenroom

Agus Kriswandi Basyari
Pitaloka Land

This week I will talk about the installation of the ceiling of the house. This paper is a series of work after the installation of floor tiles. Ceiling installation is the next stage of work that can be done.

The ceiling of the house is the divider of the spaces of the house with the roof frame and tap. The type of ceiling can be different depending on the raw material used. Ceilings that are commonly used by Indonesian people include gribik ceilings made of woven bamboo arranged in such a way, plywood ceilings, ceilings made from GRC, and gypsum ceilings which are currently being loved by the public.

In this article, the ceiling installation will focus on the type of ceiling made of gypsum. This work requires raw materials, including gypsum board with common brands circulating in Indonesia, namely Jayaboard and Elephant.

Usually the gypsum board measures 120 x 240 cm with a thickness of 9 mm. The second raw material is iron bars called hollow. Hollow has dimensions of 4 x 2 cm and 4 x 4 cm with a length of 4 meters per stem.

The third raw material is additional material in the form of gauze, concrete nails, compound, gypsum special screws, and gypsum trim which functions as a cover and aesthetics.

As an illustration, the ceiling installation will refer to a house size of 36 m2 or more generally type 36. Thus, volume, raw materials, and work wages can be calculated based on the price per meter unit.

Installation of a ceiling measuring 36 m2 requires 13 sheets of gypsum. If the market price of gypsum is Rp. 55,000 per sheet, it costs Rp. 715,000. While the need for hollow as many as 60 rods with a unit price of Rp. 23,000, so the cost required is Rp. 1,380,000.

For other needs, the calculation is 1 box of concrete nails IDR 80,000, 3 boxes of gypsum screws IDR 150,000, gypsum trim 30 sticks with a price per stick of 14,000, so the total is IDR 420,000. In addition, 10 kg of gypsum compound with a price per kilogram of Rp. 10,000, then a fee of Rp. 100,000 is required. Then, 2 rolls of gauze covering the gypsum connection for Rp. 40,000.

With dimensions of 36 m2, the total cost of raw materials is IDR 2,954,000. The cost of working wages for craftsmen with the calculation of the wage price per meter of Rp. 28.000 is Rp. 1.008.000 for a size of 36 m2.

After calculating raw materials and wages, here’s a simple way to install a ceiling. First, measure the desired ceiling height from the floor point. Then, install the hollow ceiling frame by making the distance from the frame to the ceiling frame.

Then install the gypsum board, followed by other accessories such as gauze and ceiling trim using compound. Thus the writing in this edition. Hope it is useful.


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