Make Money from Property Investment, Beginners Can Try This

JAKARTA Property become one of the attractive investment places in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. But what about for beginners, can you invest in property and make a profit?

In general, a beginner must have obstacles to start investing. For example, confused about where to start, so difficult to choose investment products.

Property investment is one type of investment that is popular among young people and is also quite promising. The reason is, investing in property makes it easy for you to earn passive income.

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However, before starting property investment, there are several things that must be observed. Quoted from Knight Frank, Sunday (11/7/2021), here are five property investment tips for beginners:

1. Adjusting to Financial Conditions

Personal financial condition becomes very important before investing. Borrowing funds is not a bad thing, but efforts must be made so that the funds can be paid according to the provisions of the specified day.

Usually investors must have regular income every month and also don’t forget that the funds borrowed must not exceed the amount of funds that have been previously owned. Funds for property investment are generally in the form of sign-off fees, down payments, and installment fees.

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2. Determine the Investment Goal

Determine your investment goals so you don’t take the wrong steps. For example, to achieve results from investments in a short period of time, it is better to invest in properties that are close to areas that have developed so that investment returns can be achieved more quickly.

3. Check Market Prices

Do a lot of research before investing in property. This is so that we can get the maximum profit with minimal capital. Do research both online and in the field. With several comparisons, we can choose the property with the best price we can get.

4. Property Related Documents

Also check the completeness of documents related to property before investing. Do not let the object of investment be problematic property, for example incomplete documents or property in the form of disputed land.

5. Check Other Things Related to Property Investment

Other things, such as handover times and trusted developers in the investment process. Do not be harmed by the developer or the handover time does not match the information at the beginning. This can result in investment returns in the future.

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