Examples of Studio Apartment Kitchen Designs and Tips for Organizing

Because the area is very limited, designing a studio apartment kitchen is not an easy matter.

Even for those of you who like to cook, you will often find it difficult to organize the various equipment in the kitchen area.

Not to mention if the smoke from cooking is billowing in the room. This of course makes the area cramped and unhealthy.

Studio type apartments themselves usually have a space size that is not too large, which is only around 20-30 m2.

This type generally only has one bedroom that is integrated with the kitchen and tv room without a partition, as well as one bathroom.

With concept open space In this case, residents should be able to decorate and organize the kitchen area more effectively.

But if you find it difficult, here are design inspiration and tips for arranging a studio apartment kitchen that you can follow.

Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Industrial Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Industrial Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Photo: istock.com

Industrial is an architectural concept that is able to give the appearance of a semi-finished or unfinished on the room.

This design exposes structural elements such as bricks and cement, to show something different and out of the ordinary.

If you want something “different” to the appearance of your kitchen, industrial kitchen designs can be an attractive option.

Don’t forget to apply neutral colors such as gray, black, and other colors that are characteristic industrial house.

All White Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

All White Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Switching to the next studio apartment kitchen design, you can apply the all-white concept to make it look clean and bright.

By using bright colors, it can give an airy impression because these colors emit light.

Bright colors in the kitchen will also maximize the available light in the room.

Modern Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Modern Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Photo: interiordesign.id

Modern design means having a style that is simple, functional, and of course stylish. You can apply this style to a studio apartment kitchen.

Even though it’s small, you can apply it by choosing colors such as white, black, brown, and other neutral colors.

What distinguishes it from a minimalist design, the modern style usually uses building materials in the form of polished stainless steelaluminum, wide glass, and processed materials with finishing.

The modern studio apartment kitchen design is very suitable to be applied to a narrow space, because it will feel right if you like a simple but still charming style.

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Minimalist Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Modern Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

Photo: istock

Almost the same as the all-white kitchen design, the minimalist design applies a style that emphasizes neatness.

The minimalist design itself prioritizes the function of the subject, so the amount of furniture available is quite limited.

The kitchen of a minimalist studio apartment also has a simpler layout, with a layout geometric without excessive decoration.

Maximizing Tips Kitchen Set in Studio Apartment

As mentioned earlier, there are times when we are confused about organizing and arranging a studio apartment kitchen.

now as a solution, here are three tips to maximize kitchen set studio apartment which you can apply.

Make the Most of it with Hanging Racks

Make the Most of it with Hanging Racks

One solution to overcome the limitations of studio apartment kitchen space, is to add hanging shelves.

Hanging shelves can be placed above the kitchen set table or kitchen cabinet, so it doesn’t make the room look crowded.

You can adjust the color on the kitchen shelf with the design that is carried, so that it displays harmony and is pleasing to the eye.

Give Room Divider

As it is known, studio apartment has a narrow size so the room has a concept open space.

Because of that the kitchen set area and the bed are made together, so a partition is needed as a space divider.

The divider itself can minimize the slightest disturbance when cooking, especially if there are guests visiting.

You can use bulkhead partitions in the form of glass, bookshelves, or sketches of various sizes and materials.

Avoid Buying Large Furniture

Tips for maximizing the kitchen set in a studio apartment, is to avoid using large furniture.

In addition to narrowing the room, large furniture will also make you feel uncomfortable when doing activities in the kitchen.

This is information about the design of a studio apartment kitchen, complete with tips on how to organize it.

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Hope it is useful!

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