6 Small Kitchens Under Minimalist Stairs, Beautiful and Space Saving

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Of all the design challenges that exist, figuring out how to organize the empty space under the stairs is arguably the most fun.

Although a little difficult, in fact minimalist home stairwell can be maximized into a more functional place.

Whether you want a cozy reading nook, minimalistic storage space, or create a walk-in closet miniall can be done in this little corner.

In fact, you can make a small kitchen under a minimalist staircase, which of course can save space in the house.

If interested, read and find out various minimalist kitchen inspirations that are suitable for small homes in this article, yes.

6 Small Kitchen Designs Under Minimalist Stairs

Under Stair Kitchen Design with Storage

small kitchen under the minimalist stairs

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First, let’s take a look at this kitchen inspiration under the stairs with open storage.

As we often find in minimalist homes with stairs, the empty space underneath is often converted into a storage cupboard.

If you want to look good, of course, the storage rack needs to be closed.

But if your house is quite narrow, it’s a good idea to arrange a small kitchen under a minimalist staircase with open storage as shown above.

The storage area itself can be used to accommodate various tableware such as bowls and glasses, as well as a thermos that is rarely used.

small kitchen under the minimalist stairs

Photo: Decoist

Not only using open storage shelves, you can also use closed storage shelves.

In addition to being safer, these shelves will also make it easier for you to sort items according to type.

However, sometimes a kitchen model like this requires good air circulation to provide extra comfort when cooking, without the interference of smoke in the room.

Therefore, you can choose a residence that has cross ventilationas in Fortunia Residences 2 or Citra Garden City Jakarta.

Minimalist Kitchen Under Stairs with Mezzanine Floor

small kitchen under the minimalist stairs

Photo: Decoist

The all-white minimalist kitchen under the stairs is indeed very suitable for small families, especially if the kitchen is located under the floor mezzanine.

The shape is simple, but big enough to accommodate a lot of stuff in it.

The wall can be used as a shelf to store kitchen utensils, while the middle can be used as a mini dining room.

Of course, this one design is very suitable to be applied to a minimalist 2-story house, like the one below Puri Harmoni Residence.

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Small Kitchen with Side Dining

small kitchen under the minimalist stairs

Photo: My Home Organic

Stairs are usually located on the side of the house and adjacent to the wall, so the shape of the kitchen that will be made under the stairs usually follows the corner of the wall.

However, there is an empty space in the middle that can be used as a dining room.

To avoid inconvenience, you can arrange the table and chairs so they don’t take up too much space.

Also use the space under the stairs as a storage space for household appliances and items.

To save more space, you can choose smart furniture to be placed in the dwelling.

Kitchen with a Minimalist Mini Bar under the Stairs

small kitchen under the minimalist stairs

Photo: Houzz

For those who like a different sensation, you can make a kitchen with mini bar under the stairs. The best example can be seen in the image above.

Prepare and arrange the necessary furniture, so that the kitchen under this minimalist staircase has a tone that is in harmony with the surrounding interior design.

Minimalist Open Kitchen Under the Stairs

small kitchen under the minimalist stairs

Photo: Houzz

There are many ways to create cozy little house.

Among them are by using a wide mirror, the use of multifunctional furnitureconnecting the two rooms into one, to create an open kitchen under the stairs.

Besides being beautiful to look at, this open kitchen also makes it easier for those of you who like to cook in a dynamic way.

Small Kitchen Under a Minimalist Staircase for Receiving Guests

small kitchen under the minimalist stairs

Photo: Houzz

When the guests arrive, as the host of course you have to prepare drinks or snacks, right?

Therefore, you can copy the design of the kitchen under this staircase which happens to be adjacent to the living room and can be used directly to entertain them.

There is no stove in this kitchen, only a fridge, sink, microwave and long bar table for your guests.

nowHere are some inspirations for those of you who are in need of a small kitchen design under a minimalist staircase.

Hope it is useful!

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