6 Cozy Simple Dining Room Decorations

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Simple does not mean without style. With the development of the world of design, especially interiors, the minimalist concept is also getting wider and more varied.

Modification of style and blending with other concepts, makes it look so beautiful, stunning but still prioritizes simplicity.

So no wonder the minimalist impression is still so loved today.

One of the advantages of a simple style is that it is easy to apply in various rooms, including the dining room.

If you’re looking for style or decoration inspiration for this area, here are some simple dining room decor inspirations that you can try.

Use Patterned Wallpaper

dining room decoration

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One of the easy tricks to decorate a simple dining room, is to use wallpapers patterned.

Not only easy, installation wallpapers can directly change the appearance of the room without having to add a lot of decorations.

In order to emphasize the impression simplealso use a variety of furniture with matching or neutral colors such as black, white, or brown.

Color Game on the Wall

minimalist dining room decoration

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Color blocking can also be one way to decorate the dining room without having to add a lot of displays.

Walls with two colors can make the room look more unique. The choice of colors and painting techniques can also be adjusted according to individual preferences.

Two different colors can create a different atmosphere in the same room.

You are free to be creative with colors and concepts, you can even add other decorative elements to beautify the room.

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Use Indoor Ornamental Plants as Decoration

dining room with ornamental plants

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Too confused about what kind of decoration to add to the dining room? Try using ornamental plants.

A natural touch to the room is never wrong. Adding ornamental plants as part of a simple dining room decoration can be an option.

A cool, comfortable and peaceful impression can be obtained by using a variety of plant indoor.

Ornamental plants can also be combined with many room concepts, ranging from minimalist, modern, Japanese house, classic, and many more.

If you are not ready to take care of real plants, you can also use artificial plants.

Using Carpet

dining room with carpet

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There are many ways to make a room more beautiful, one of them is by using a patterned rug.

As in the picture above, this simple dining room decoration is very attractive, even though the concept is quite simple.

The presence of a rug with matching motifs and colors is enough to attract attention without looking too much. These tips can very for you to imitate at home!

Placing a dining table and chairs right on the carpet can also be an interesting idea, so that the focus of the room remains centered on the dining area.

Its use is easy and can blend with many interior concepts, so don’t worry.

Use a Touch of Wood or Rattan

wooden dining room

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The following simple dining room decorations are perfect for you, who like wood element but reluctant to seem old and outdated.

The wood color chosen is relatively young and is able to create the impression of being comfortable and warm, but still stylish.

Wooden or rattan decorations can also be used, for example as in the picture above. Rattan hangers make the room very unique and attractive.

This kind of decoration fits perfectly with the concept Japanese house minimalist, for example in residential The Zora, Morizenand much more.

Use Unique Furniture

dining room with unique furniture

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In the simple dining room decoration inspiration above, we can see that there are not many decorative elements present there.

The selection of neutral colors on the walls, tables and chairs is simple, making the room look so graceful and elegant.

But there is one thing that steals our attention, namely the unique seat cushion with an unusual shape.

It can also be a smart idea to create a “surprise” element in the room. Place uniquely shaped objects or furniture to make the room look more attractive.

How, a simple dining room can still look stunning with the tips above, right?

Hopefully this article is useful yes.

Congratulations on beautifying your home!

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