5 Super Comfortable Lesehan Family Room Design Inspirations

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Lesehan family room may already be familiar in the minds of Indonesian people.

As we know, the concept of a living room or family room without a sofa has been applied since ancient times, where it is now known as “lesehan.”

Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with the minimalist lesehan family room design.

Even though a family room with a lesehan model can save costs, while making the room wider.

With this design, you can also receive more guests than using a conventional living room design.

So, how about we listen to some of the family room design inspirations below?

5 Recommended Minimalist Lesehan Family Room Designs

Elegant Japanese-style Lesehan Living Room Design

Japanese-style lesehan family room

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Besides Indonesia, Japanese people have long been familiar with the concept of lesehan. You could even say that the concept they apply really illustrates the spirit of minimalism.

In this case, most of them used to use futon in the family room, living room, or dining room. However, what is it futon?

Futon itself is a traditional Japanese mattress which is also known in Korea. Usually, Japanese people hold futon on the tatami, whether in the living room or the bed.

Especially for the design of the family room, futon could be an option for those of you who are reluctant to use a mattress. Just choose a color that matches the floor or wall paint color of the house.

Of course, this design is easier to apply if you have a residence that adopts the Japanese style as well, such as the house in Shoji Land.

Narrow Lesehan Living Room Design with Floor Pillow

Narrow Lesehan Family Room with Floor Pillow

Photo: Unsplash

As the name suggests, floor pillow is a pillow that you can use as a seat on the floor of the lesehan family room.

You can replace the function of the sofa as a seat by using floor pillowwhere the soft texture will make the family room feel more comfortable.

Especially if your family room has an elegant, minimalist interior design, like the houses in Indonesia Sandalwood Homes or Rindanavia Villa Residence.

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Small Lesehan TV Room with Bean Bag

Small Lesehan TV Room with Bean Bag

Photo: sofawork

Shortly after hearing bean bagsmaybe you will find it strange and old-fashioned, considering bean bags usually found in dwellings in the 60s or 70s.

But make no mistake, because now bean bags It is very modern and has become mandatory furniture in a minimalist home, especially in the family room or tv room.

Small Lesehan TV Room

Photo: FurnitureInDesign

Then, why bean bags very suitable as furniture for a minimalist lesehan family room? One reason is that these pads are very comfortable to sit on.

Besides that, bean bags can also be shaped according to your wishes, so that it can provide extra comfort in a minimalist lesehan family room.

Minimalist Lesehan Living Room Design with Wooden Accents

Minimalist Lesehan Family Room

Photo: pianoissola.jp

As is well known, the design home interior Minimalist does not use too much furniture in it.

Another identical thing about this style is the use of wood-based furniture and decorations.

Coupled with natural lighting with wide windows, the family room in the house will look more attractive.

For this design, use natural colors so that the living room looks warm and bright at the same time.

The room will look much bigger than before. This idea is perfect for those of you who have a small family room.

Minimalist Lesehan Living Room Design with Wooden Accents

Photo: pinimg.com

In addition to the modern style, you can also apply a more traditional style with furniture like the picture above.

In addition to being elegant and warm, the design of this lesehan family room still looks modern and more integrated with the interior of the surrounding room.

Of course, this idea will be very suitable to be applied to a minimalist 2-story house with a similar interior design as in the one below Seion Attack.

Lesehan Living Room Design with Eye Catching Carpet

Lesehan Family Room with Carpet

Photo: Homify

Finally, there is a lesehan family room design that uses ample carpet eye catching.

Not only serves as a protector of the floor, the carpet can also be used as a comfortable place to relax with family.

Just a tip, choose a carpet with a cool material and has a soft surface.

Easy Steps to Arrange an Elegant Lesehan Family Room

Arranging an Elegant Lesehan Family Room

Photo: Houzz

After listening to the designs of the lesehan-themed family room, the next thing you should know is the steps in arranging the lesehan family room, namely:

  • Determine the Lesehan Area and Its Size

Just determine the part that is comfortable to be used as a minimalist lesehan family room. Also measure the room in detail because you will also determine the size of the lesehan mat used in it.

  • Choosing the Right Lesehan Mat

Starting from determining the floor mat that is hairy or thin to what type of cushion suits your taste is the next thing that needs to be considered carefully.

This should also be considered. For example, is there still room for additional furniture in the minimalist living room area or not? Or, is the space suitable for Japanese-style living room designs or not?

Those were some design inspirations for the lesehan family room along with tips for arranging them.

Hope it is useful!

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