6 Modern Minimalist Home Designs with Attractive Rooftops

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Modern minimalist home designs are the most popular designs, even the average housing is currently dominated by this style.

Modern minimalist architecture can be characterized by its dynamic, functional, but still modern appearance. This means that this style is not excessive, from form to function.

In addition, the characteristics of the building are also simpler, including for the rooftop-his.

Maybe many don’t think that modern minimalist house can also be designed with rooftop.

This design model is suitable for those of you who want to spend time with your family, especially if your residence has limited land.

For those of you who are interested, here are some modern minimalist home inspirations with: rooftop which you can emulate.

Here are 6 Modern Minimalist Home Designs with Rooftops

Having a rooftop may be one of the dreams for many people, especially when building or buy a house.

Of course the reason is to add space, be it for a relaxing area, serviceor other.

In addition, another function of this duct is to monitor the occurrence of leaks in the tile and facilitate the repair process.

Modern Rooftop Design as well as Canopy

modern minimalist house design with rooftop

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Modern minimalist home designs are indeed suitable for all types of homes, be it luxury house planssimple, or graded.

If you have a terraced house, you can insert rooftop small with an elongated model.

If you don’t have vacant land in the back area, then you can use the front area carport.

Design rooftop you can function as a canopy carportwhich helps protect your vehicle.

How, very multifunctional right? rooftop this one!

Model rooftop 1 Floor House

modern minimalist house design with rooftop

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Who says a one-story house can’t have rooftop? You can easily design small house roof design nor big.

Usually, the one-story house model is inhabited by families who have senior members and toddlers.

So that you can still get a private relaxing area, you can consider building a roof deck with a minimalist design.

Besides being used as a relaxing area, you can maximize this area as a place to dry clothes or play with children.

If you want it to be a playground, make sure that railing mounted higher and the material must be safe for children.

Tropical Rooftop Design

modern minimalist house design with rooftop

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Modern minimalist home designs can actually be mixed and matched with any architectural style, including tropical design.

If you want to add this one design, you can try applying it to the rooftopsuch as the residence in Kemang Huis Townhouse.

The decoration is quite easy, one way is to change the floor rooftop with a wooden deck that is affordable.

Then you can add tropical plants such as mini palms, monstera, dragon tree, birds of paradise, to flower portulaca.

To make the tropical feel even more pronounced, you can put a swimming pool lounge chair and a stainless steel coffee table.

With the decorations above, you can get a modern minimalist home design with rooftop charming.

Rooftop Inspiration with Green Shades

modern minimalist house design with rooftop

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A house with shades of green is indeed the right choice, especially for those of you who want a natural, beautiful, and comfortable impression at home.

Not only using the garden in the front porch area, to make it happen beautiful house You can make it in rooftop beloved.

The example image above can be the right inspiration, to make the roof area green and shady.

Even to protect the sofa from exposure to rain and sun, we can use vines that are shaped like a canopy.

We recommend choosing plants that are medium in size and have minimal maintenance, then arrange them regularly in pots.

Interestingly, now there is housing that provides rooftop with a similar concept, namely Prime Home Pejaten.

Lavender type is one of the units that have rooftops, even in those areas you can make urban farming which are fun

Lesehan Bohemian Rooftop Style

modern minimalist house design with rooftop

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Decor rooftop above is inspired by the bohemian style, which is certainly very cool to be a photo spot.

For those of you who want to get more privacy, make it rooftop semi-enclosed by adding pieces of bamboo slats as a fence.

Meanwhile, as a roof covering, we can use thin bamboo slats that are durable and resistant to all weather.

In order not to be monotonous, place some plants such as cacti and bougainvillea around the area.

Rooftop Design with Swimming Pool modern minimalist house design with rooftop


Adopting a luxury apartment design, you can add pool sky deck on area rooftop House.

No need to be large or fill the entire area rooftopyou can imitate the example image above.

You can place a mini swimming pool on the side of the corner rooftopthen the rest of the area can be used as a place to sit or relax.

Or if necessary, you can also add mini garden like the unit model in housing Joyglo Simatupang.

That’s information about modern minimalist home designs with rooftop which you can use as a reference.

Hope it is useful, yes!

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