60’s Retro Home Design

JAKARTA – The retro style look is back with the current hits. Both in fashion to the realm of the interior House.

The cheerful retro look looks suitable to be realized into the design of the house. Usually, the retro style is liked by some people who have an open personality and like to socialize.

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Is retro style suitable for modern era interior design, considering that the style can be said to be ‘old school’.

Quoting from the book Complete Interior Design by Vani Anggres Wita, Wednesday (6/1/2021), retro style is back in trend in the realm of home interiors. Famous since the 1960s, retro is synonymous with attractive colors.

Retro style can make a home more cheerful, colorful, and modern. Minimalist metro design is very popular today. The essence of the retro interior lies in its color. Currently retro designs tend to use shocking colors, such as orange, blue, and red.

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The furniture used also uses back to sixties, seventies, or geometric motifs and is combined with modern designs. As a supporter, the use of wallpaper with a busy motif can be an option.

The selection and placement of room accessories must also provide a comfortable atmosphere. For the selection of lights, you can use a sparkling vintage style to give a dramatic impression.


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