7 Cross-Functional Home Ventilation Designs

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There’s nothing more relaxing than a breath of fresh air in the middle of the city. Although difficult, this can be realized by changing the ventilation design of the house into cross ventilation.

However, what is cross ventilation? Cross ventilation or ventilation is an opening for air passage in the form of windows, doors or ventilation facing each other in one room.

Please note that cross ventilation is not only useful for bringing fresh air into the house.

Cross ventilation can also create interiors that are both healthier and more environmentally friendly, while minimizing energy consumption and household costs.

Therefore, this time we will discuss some simple ideas for designing cross ventilation. In order not to be mistaken, see the reviews below!

Here are 7 Cross Model Home Ventilation Designs

Cross Ventilation with Window Shutter

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Most modern minimalist house design inhabited by urban communities, is a residence that prioritizes privacy and security.

In other words, the house was built with the windows closed. Although safe, this will certainly block the entry of air into the dwelling.

One way to solve this problem is to use window shutteras in the example above.

In addition to providing fresh air, this home ventilation design can also add privacy while preventing small animals such as insects from entering the house.

Cross Ventilation Model with Iron Trellis

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Photo: Design Cafe

As already mentioned above, security is an issue in itself in the modern world we live in.

Apart from using window shutteryou can also build or buy a house which has a window with a strong and sturdy iron trellis.

That way, you can let window open all day without feeling scared.

Home Ventilation Design with Minimalist Windows

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Photo: Regency Windows

When all that can be added is a small window, then cross ventilation should be a major concern.

The tip is to choose the right window style, as done in the photo above. That way, there is always a supply of fresh air even through small vents.

If it is not suitable for small ventilation, you can choose housing with wide window openings, such as units in housing Chelsea Modern Home and The Primrose Condovilla.

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Home Ventilation Design with Skylights

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Photo: Interior Design Ideas

The main purpose of having skylight House is to bring enough sunlight into the room, even when the doors and windows are closed.

Even though it’s calledskylight, this feature is also customizable and designed to bring fresh air as well as natural light into the home.

One of the biggest benefits of having skylight home, is you can get a view of the clear sky directly from the inside of the residence.

You can find housing with skylight in Clarity House and Myza BSD City.

Both housings are highly recommended for those of you who are looking for house for sale in Tangerang.

Cross Ventilation Using Glass Sliding Doors

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Photo: Action Glass & Aluminum

Instead of concrete walls, you can choose a residence with sliding glass doors. When opened, this home ventilation design will instantly fill the room with energy and fresh air.

Especially if there is a green garden outside the house. Besides bringing fresh air, greenhouse design it can also connect the interior with the exterior of the building.

Home Ventilation Design with Double Doors

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Photo: Evolve India

The door is the main gate as well as a protective feature of our homes. So, it’s only natural that the door of the house is not left open all day.

But on the other hand, a door that is always closed will prevent air circulation into the house.

Fortunately, there are other ways to bring fresh air into your home. One of them is to use a double door made of strong wood.

For the ventilation design of this one house, you can choose the inner door of solid wood. Meanwhile, the outside uses a wide opening or you can also choose a shutter door.

For ventilation, close the outside door and let the freshness sweep the area of ​​the house.

Home Ventilation Ideas with Home Nets

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Photo: Homedit

Believe it or not, Indonesians who live in the middle of the city prefer to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner, rather than open them to get fresh air from outside.

To overcome this habit, you can install small nets on doors and windows. This net will protect the house without blocking the view from outside.

Just a tip, you can also put indoor plants to purify the air in your home, while creating a fun decor.

Those are some home ventilation design ideas that can be used to introduce fresh air into the house.

As a recommendation, you can also look at housing that has implemented the system cross ventilation, like Lembana Castle and Grand Cinunuk.

Hope the above information is useful!

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