Design a Room Floor Plan

Design a Room Floor Plan

New Year, new things! Are you one of a million people who are dreaming about building a house? But, are you still confused about the design? 3-room design a room floor plan belongs to a fairly large house and is usually inhabited by a large number of family members. For that, the configuration and program space in a 3-room house plan can be easy and difficult. Starting from the need for more space to the needs of a wider area can be a challenge in arranging and designing the best 3-room house plans. Confused house plan 3 rooms like what is suitable for your needs and of course taste? Come on, see some creations from the 3-room house plan design that is simple but still neat and functional and comfortable as follows:


Consider Accessibility of each Room in Supporting Functions

When you have a large number of rooms, you start to have to consider the availability of supporting space such as bathrooms. Although you cannot give every bedroom a bathroom, make sure every room in the 3-room house plan that you design has good accessibility to the room so that residents do not need to go through other functions – especially public spaces such as family rooms – to use the bathroom.

Design a Room Floor Plan


House Plan 3 rooms with 2 floors

For a 3-room design a room floor plan with limited land but the need for relatively spacious space, there’s no harm in making a 2-story house. If the occupants are relatively young, there is no harm in making all the rooms on the 2nd floor separate private and public areas. However, if there are elderly residents, consider providing a room on the ground floor of your 3-room house plan.


Room Placement in a 3-Room House Plan in One Area

Although not standing on two floors, placing each room in a 3-room house plan in the same area is a good thing to implement. This is because it will facilitate the distribution of zoning in your 3-room house plans and will make the separation of private and public functions much more practical. Also, make sure that the private area in your 3 bedroom house plan is far from the source of noise and also the public area but still able to be accessed by circulation both air (ventilation) and light (house window).


Prioritize the Comfort of Each Room in the 3-Room House Plan

One of the challenges in designing a 3 room house plan is to make sure that every room in the 3 room house plan has the maximum comfort. For that, make sure each room still gets air circulation through ventilation and good lighting as a basic requirement to make the atmosphere of the room comfortable. Also avoid rooms with things that might disturb your comforts, such as being near a garage, a kitchen, or the street. Those are some 3 room home design creations with various room compositions and sizes that might be the most appropriate choice for realizing the 3 bedroom design a room floor plan of your dreams.



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