Design Your Own Living Room

Design Your Own Living Room

There are several minimalist design your own living room that you can choose from. You can make this minimalist family room design idea as your inspiration when arranging your home. The problem for urban housing is limited space. Having a house, whether a house or apartment, is something to be thankful for. But that is only the beginning because then you will be challenged to fill it efficiently and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

There are many ideas that you can use to get around the limited space. One of them is by applying the concept of multifunctional space design. You can get around the limitations of space by using one space for a variety of different functions. The following are some inspiring multifunctional space designs that can be a guideline when you want to re-arrange a residential room.


Sofa Bed for Family Rooms

The design your own living room can be the most frequent place for activities. This room can also be very versatile. If some relatives or friends often stop by and stay overnight, the family room can be their emergency sleeping room. You can just replace the existing sofa with a sofa bed, such as the living room of an apartment in London in the following illustration.


Family room that integrates with the dining room

The name is also a family room, of course, the items that are usually here are television, bookshelves, and dining tables. To maximize space, there are indeed many dwellings that combine a family room with a dining room. Because back again, family activities are often centered in this space.

Well, the results of our professional work are truly enchanting. This area is made open, by presenting a garden that is a view that spoils the eyes. Brick walls combined with wood material, as well as picture frames lined the walls, successfully create an amazing family room!

Design Your Own Living Room


Maximizing Space

The concept of merging a family room is also present in this one house. With a luxurious modern style, in one area consisting of a family room, dining room, and kitchen that are made together. But what makes it unique is that, to distinguish the functions of each place, our experts make different colors and decorations. Wow, interesting isn’t it?


Fall in Love at First Look

This design your own living room  is certainly one of our favorite rooms. With an open style, this area is comfortable for a gathering place and doing many things. The air circulation is very good, the lighting is maximal. This space consists of a kitchen, a dining table, a lounging area, with the most invigorating view, the swimming pool! Wow, I can imagine how it feels like to linger here.

The majority of the decoration is brown, with brick walls that add to the homey atmosphere. But what makes it hard for us to move on from this room is a transparent door that can be opened, which makes this room so enchanting.



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