Facade with Exposed Wood and Cement, Natural and Weather Resistant


JAKARTA – Located at the front, the facade has a considerable influence on the aesthetic value and beauty of a building. Therefore, in making it, attention is needed so that the appearance does not reduce the beauty of the front of the house.

The special appearance of the facade can be an icon or center of attention for your building. If the facade can be arranged beautifully, of course it will be a matter of pride for the owner of the house who lives in it.

Wood can be used as a material to cover a facade wall, but you also have to be able to arrange it so that it creates a very dramatic appearance, and produces a contemporary art feel that has high artistic taste and value.

“Wood is a high-art material. Its natural appearance will give its own beauty. If you want to use this material for the appearance of the facade, it is better to choose the type of curved wood that has resistance to the weather outside,” said architect Rizky Artando.

Before arranging, it’s a good idea to cut the curved wood and make small boards, but don’t reduce the length of the wood. Then arranged in a vertical way so that later it covers all parts of the wall except for windows and doors.

“It’s good when the pasting process is carried out, the wall is termed and installed tightly so that it doesn’t create the slightest gap,” said Rizky.

Between the arrangement of one curved wood and another curved wood sometimes there is a distance far enough so that it produces several empty fields. This empty field is covered with planks of wood of a different kind and laid out whole, and not cut anymore.

All the wood used is not colored which makes the facade look more natural. The windows and doors use glass which makes the aesthetic value of the facade look higher.

This design concept is very suitable to be applied to facades where the walls are integrated with windows and doors.

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