How to Organize Items in a Narrow House

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Have a lot of stuff in a cramped house? Of course you will be confused to arrange it to make it look more presentable, right? Don’t worry anymore because below is a way to organize things in a narrow house that you can apply at home.

Arrange Clothes Neatly

One of the most owned and difficult items to manage is clothes. No wonder because clothes are a person’s basic needs in everyday life. For those of you who have a narrow house, it is important to arrange clothes neatly.

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But, what is the right way to arrange clothes to look neat? The method is very easy. First, you need to group clothes according to the type of material, color, model, and function.

For example, you can group clothes that you use on a daily basis. Another example, you can also group jeans made of jeans with other jeans, or group work clothes with other work clothes.

Arranging clothes in this way will make your wardrobe look tidier and make it easier for you to take clothes out of the closet.

Arranging Clothes Using the Konmari Technique

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Another way to organize items in a narrow house is to arrange clothes using the Konmari technique. What is the Konmari technique? This technique is the mainstay of folding clothes by rolling clothes to fit in a small wardrobe.

This way of folding clothes is guaranteed to make a lot of your clothes fit into a small wardrobe. Thus, your narrow house will still look neat even with a small wardrobe.

Use Closed Cabinets For Kitchen Equipment

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The trick to organizing kitchen utensils is to use closed cabinets. Closed cabinets give the impression that the room looks neater and cleaner even though the room is narrow. Therefore, use it to store kitchen utensils in a closed cupboard.

In the cupboard you can also use a shelf that functions as an insulator between one item and another. In addition to making it easier for you to separate these items, this also serves to make it easier for you to take these items.

Organizing Food in the Fridge

The next way to organize items in a narrow house is to arrange various foodstuffs into the refrigerator. Thus, the food in the kitchen is not scattered, thus creating the impression of a neat, clean, and feeling more spacious room.

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The way to keep the food in the refrigerator from falling apart, you need to use small boxes to group and put the food ingredients in the refrigerator according to their function and type.

Well, that’s an explanation of how to organize things in a narrow house to make it look neater and cleaner. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you.

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