Ideas for Sweetening the Walls of the House with Various Styles


JAKARTA – You don’t always have to put photos on the walls to sweeten the room. Many other things can be hung, not even just in the form of a frame.

Reporting from The Spurs page, the wall can be used as a conceptual gallery. When viewed from the location of the placement on the stairs can be arranged lengthwise following the groove of the stairs.

The frames that are arranged can only be a few so that they can be made to fully fill the walls of the staircase area. The picture in the picture can also be a family photo or other picture only in written form.

Other placements are usually behind the sofa or above the cupboard. In the corner of the room can also be hung variously so that the corner looks more crowded.

However, don’t forget to arrange wall decorations to be placed on the floor first. This is so that it can be described what will be seen, so the question arises whether it is suitable when installed?

One of the gallery concepts that can be carried is vintage. This ancient concept could use brown, white, or cream colored frames with similar nuanced images inside. This seems softer to the eye and can soothe anyone who sees it.

“Handmade artwork can also be displayed on the wall. For example, macrame, woven bamboo, and others. This placement can be combined with garden accents in the house. The walls can be made green like grass then macrame crafts are made as pot hangers. Not only handicrafts, other objects can also be displayed on the wall,” wrote The Spurce.

The Spurce exemplifies the many homes that adorn their walls with quirky old-fashioned items such as washboards, vintage cake pans and lanterns. This placement is usually in a corner to give the corner a lot of dimension and style.

“Another fun way to break up gallery walls is to sprinkle objects and embellishments between the prints,” says The Spurce.

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