These are the advantages of living in a townhouse that you must know

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Townhouse is a residential concept in the form of a small complex containing approximately 30 houses with the same design. This type of residence is in great demand because it has many advantages. There are several advantages to living in a townhouse. Here’s the review.

Same House Design

The townhouse is in a complex called muster. One cluster has several houses with the same design. This similarity has become a rule that is characteristic of townhouses.

The same house design can all be said as an advantage because then you don’t have to think about the design of your home. Townhouses offer convenience with a unique and attractive house, with a uniform design in one muster.

Not only that, the houses with this uniform design were built very neatly. The houses are lined up or lined up with the same shape so that it looks very neat. The tidiness of this building is certainly very beautiful to look at.

Safer Access

Access and a safer environment are one of the advantages of living in a townhouse because this residential concept is equipped with a trusted security system. Each muster townhouse has only a few access in and out, even most have only one access.

One access is guarded by security officers for 24 hours. This makes living in townhouses tend to be safer. Everyone who leaves or enters the complex will be monitored by security officers so that security control is more guaranteed.

Not only that, the security of the townhouses is further tightened with the presence of a large high wall surrounding the complex. This can prevent townhouse residents from uninvited guests breaking in through open gaps.

Limited Number of Units

Townhouses have a limited number of units. In one muster, on average there are only 10-30 housing units. The limited number of units makes the townhouse environment tend to be quieter and quieter, perfect for those of you who crave serenity.

In addition, this small number of units makes this residential concept feel more exclusive than housing in general. This is because the design of the house like the one you live in tends to be modern and not marketable.

Complete Facilities

Behind the wall that surrounds the muster, the townhouse has fairly complete shared facilities. This can be one of the advantages of living in a townhouse. The reason is, there are many facilities that you can use in it, which are rarely found in housing.

The facilities that usually exist in the townhouse complex are swimming pools, sports venues, jogging tracks, open green spaces, playgrounds, and so on. All these facilities can be used by all residents of the townhouse.

The facilities available in the house also vary, there are large type townhouses with 2, 3, or even 4 floors. In addition, townhouses usually also have additional facilities such as their location in the middle of the city, easy access to public transportation, and others.

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