This is a Strategy to Sell Property to Millennials

JAKARTA – once again holds the annual Property Day event. is part of REA Group Australia. Property Day 2019 was held at The Ballroom Westin, Hotel Westin, Jakarta on Thursday 15 August 2019.

This event presents three speakers who have competitions in their fields. The event was also attended by representatives from developer companies, property agents, and banks.

The speakers were Behavior Scientist Muhamad Irfan Agia, General Manager of Business Iman Hanggautomo, and Vice President Marketing Tanihub Her “Deeng” Sanyoto.

This event has the theme Accelerate Your Property Business Through Digital Transformation. Digital transformation can accelerate the acceleration of the property business.

“We want to provide a lot of insight to developers, agents, banks. How do we help consumers to buy,” said Country General Manager Maria Herawati Manik in a written statement, Jakarta, Saturday (17/8/2019).

Digital Transformation for Business

The digital world is growing rapidly. Who would have thought that a number of digital-based businesses could turn into giant companies. Airbnb can be a lodging service company without owning a room, house, or building.

Uber can become a transportation service corporation without its own fleet of vehicles. The same thing happened in Indonesia. A number of digital-based companies are becoming big. Not to be left behind in the property world with the emergence of a property marketplace, a design and architecture marketplace, and others.

People just need to sit comfortably at home holding a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. He doesn’t need to leave the house to look for houses, apartments, shop houses (ruko), land, and others, just surfing the internet.

The same convenience is obtained when looking for a property agent, architectural design services, interior design services, house building services, and others. People only need to search via Google search engine, social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

Of course, this development inevitably makes business people and the property industry have to change. Especially now, the millennial generation, who is also the biggest consumer of property, is a digital native, aka active internet and social media users. The reason why many companies go online was revealed by Her Sanyoto who gave the first presentation.

“Why does everyone go online, because they are fit for millennials and are considered innovative,” said Her.

However, it is not easy to change companies to do so. There are three challenges to be faced, namely acquisition, market fit, and sustainability. Acquisition means how people want to download the applications offered, market fit means whether what is offered matches the market share, while sustainability means whether this business can be sustainable.


Understanding the Consumer Journey in Buying Property

Irfan Agia, who became the second speaker, reviewed the efforts to understand consumer behavior in buying property. Agia provides an opening illustration of how people travel whether it’s for business, family tourism, honeymoons, and others. People have stages during the journey from leaving to the airport, being at the airport, checking, transiting, and arriving at the destination.

The same thing happens when people buy property. Consumers have stages in life, life goals, things that interfere with concentration, fears, frustrations, habits of using media, behavior, and others.


When people are looking for a house, they will search first, make a list of targeted homes, visit locations or marketing galleries, think and ask other people for input, until they finally buy. However, this journey may not be linear.

Agia stated that when people visit the marketing gallery, consumers may not get information that is not appropriate, so they will return to search.

Faith is the final speaker. He explained the importance of a brand or brand or brand. He explained the pyramid of customer based brand equity.

This pyramid explains how consumers get product information, get what benefits from the product, what consumers know about the company, how consumers feel when using the product, what purchasing decisions are based on what considerations, and so on.

The consumer’s journey to buy property is indeed not easy and tortuous, moreover, the decision to purchase a property must be carefully considered. For that, companies really have to understand it in order to be able to give the right message.

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