3 Advantages and Tips for Investing a Home with a Mortgage

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Property investment still has a high appeal in the eyes of the public. Homes are one of the most popular types of property investment instruments.

The high demand for housing and the selling value that is not eroded by inflation are crucial factors that make houses considered a promising investment.

There are several ways that can be done in starting property investment.

One of them, by buying a house online hard cash. This method is commonly used by investors with large capital.

However, you can also choose how to invest in a home with a mortgage. This can be a strategic move for those of you with limited capital.

Even though home ownership as an investment is obtained by way of credit, you still have the potential to get benefits that are no less promising.

In this article, we will explain some of the benefits that can be obtained from investing in a home with a mortgage.

Advantages of Home Investment with KPR

Advantages of Home Investment with KPR

Photo: Kompas.com

Relatively Light Capital

The initial payment in the process of buying a house by means of a mortgage is relatively not burdensome. You just need to prepare 30 percent of the total house price as a down payment.

It is very possible for you to immediately start investing with a capital of less than Rp. 150 million.

Here is a summary of the simulation:

For example, you are eyeing an investment house that is priced at Rp. 500 million.

By applying for a mortgage with a DP of 30 percent and a tenor of 5 years, you only need to prepare funds of Rp. 150 million as initial capital.

Although there are a number of other costs that must be paid for taxes, legal administrative purposes up to the first installment, the range of initial capital that must be spent will not reach the figure of IDR 200 million.

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Can Rent Directly

After the whole process is complete and mortgage application accepted, the investment plan can be started, because you have obtained ownership of the house.

Running a rented or boarding house business is an option to start investing.

The rent paid by the tenants of the house, can be passive income to cover or ease the burden of installments per month.

In fact, you also have the potential to take advantage of the cost of renting the house.

You do this by adjusting the rental price with the home mortgageas well as passive benefits to be obtained.

Of course, there must be careful consideration in determining the percentage of profit you want to get.

Do not let the rental price is too expensive, so the house does not sell for rent.

Long term investment

Another advantage of buying a home with a mortgage is a long-term investment.

You can resell the house, of course, after the installments are paid off.

As mentioned above, the selling value of the property has not been eroded by inflation. This means that the selling price of the house you buy tends to increase every year.

An increase in the selling price of a house can be significant, if you are careful in choosing a strategic residential location.

This of course has the potential to make you get multiple benefits.

Tips for Starting Home Investing with KPR

Tips for Starting Home Investing with KPR

Photo: Kompas.com

The benefits of property investment do look tempting. However, you also need to install a precise strategy to maximize these profits.

Moreover, the capital spent to start investing in a house is quite large. So, it needs careful consideration before making a decision.

Therefore, Guide 99 Indonesia will provide a number of tips for those of you who want to start investing in a home with a mortgage, including:

  • Accurate in Calculating Expenditures and Profit Percentages

Buying a house for investment is a bit tricky. Especially when done on credit.

The important thing to consider when starting a home investment with a mortgage is to carefully calculate the percentage of the down payment and the number of installments per month.

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This can help you adjust the amount of expenses and profits you want to get from your home investment.

To find out a home loan simulation, you can use the feature mortgage calculator from 99.co.

Consideration of an increase in interest rates also needs to be done.

Especially if the loan tenor applied for is relatively long, because the increase in interest rates will have an impact on the selling price of the property.

  • Choosing a Strategic Location

After considering the amount of down payment and mortgage installments, the next thing that is no less important is determining the location of the property.

It is undeniable that the strategic location is one of the dream residential categories for many people.

For example, the location of the house is close to office areas, schools, airports, roads, stations and other public infrastructure.

Recommended Houses for Investment

Now, For those who are currently looking for a home for investment, 99.co Indonesia has several modern residential recommendations for you.

Leuwi Gajah Residence

Leuwi Gajah Residence is the best minimalist housing in the Cimahi area.

The location is close to various public infrastructures such as schools, offices, and shopping centers in the Kerkof area, South Cimahi.

With prices starting from Rp. 425.5 million, you can already get an indoor residence exclusive cluster in Leuwi Gajah Residencewhich consists of 19 units.

Grand Cinunuk

Grand Cinunuk is the first Dutch-style housing in the East Bandung area.

With tagline “Built it Green”, Grand Cinunuk present as an environmentally friendly residence.

There are a number of green areas consisting of parks covering an area of ​​more than 1000 square meters, infiltration lakes, small forests to rivers.

With prices starting from IDR 520 million for each unit, you can get a number of qualified facilities such as children’s play areas, running tracks, houses of worship, commercial areas, 24-hour security with CCTV and much more.

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