Canopy, Sweetener and Home Protector


JAKARTA – Canopy is a small roof that has a function to protect it has a history in its development and application to an architecture and residential design present time.

At first, canopies were often found as part of church buildings, palaces, or ancient monuments. The design is made to rise out of the building walls for statues or other buildings that are located below it. Not part of the roof of the building, but has the same function as the roof. (Read: The Law of Conversing When Doing Jimak)

Along with the times, the canopy was then modified by building experts and architects to be applied in private residences. Its function is also made more flexible and broad, such as protecting windows or doors of the house.

The canopy also plays a role in preventing the falling rainwater from entering the room. So, the window can be kept open comfortably without fear of water entering the house through the window hole. An attractive design is the key to the success of the canopy in carrying out its function and giving beauty to the house.

“When applied to residential homes, the canopy has various forms. Starting from a curved canopy, a rectangular canopy, to a pyramidal or triangular canopy,” said architect Fajar Kresno Murti.

Arched canopy designs usually have a semicircular shape. When installed over a window or door, the two lower points of the arched canopy are spaced at least equal to the width of the window or door. Then, this distance is used as the diameter of the semicircle of the curved canopy. (Also read: Amethyst Magic Becomes Drug, MAN I Students Win International Events)

In addition to the curved model, the rectangular canopy is also widely applied to modern homes. A rectangular canopy is usually a combination of a rectangle and a trapezoid. Rectangles are oblique and front sections, while trapezoids are part of the sides.

“For the canopy with this rectangular model, the length is the same as the width of the window or door that you want to protect,” said Fajar.

If you have determined the right canopy shape with the residential model, the most important part, such as the choice of material for the canopy, should not be underestimated. Selection of the wrong materials can make your home appearance will be disturbed.

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