Know the Meaning of Over Home Loans

JAKARTA – Over home loans, aka the transfer of mortgages from one party to another, is one alternative that can be chosen to get a mortgage cheaper.

There are several types of over-home loans. Transfer from one bank to another, and from old debtors to new debtors.

Launching Rumah123, Saturday (6/8/2019), it is explained what the process is like over home loan?

1. Over credit from one bank to another

Switching mortgages from one bank to another is usually done so that debtors get lower interest. The requirements for applying for over credit on this one are similar to the conditions for applying for a new mortgage.

– Document collection

The bank will ask for complete identification (KTP, Family Card), proof of monthly fixed income, and a certificate of the house to be transferred. Because the new certificate is issued after a year of the mortgage process, it can only be done over a new home loan after a year. After all these requirements are met, the bank will process the over credit.

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– Guarantee reassessment

The first process that will be carried out by the bank is to reassess the house that is the object of the mortgage. The aim is to assess market prices and evaluate the feasibility of guarantees from the documents that have been collected. After you pass this reassessment stage, you can also apply for a mortgage transfer.

– Re-credit process

Each bank has different credit criteria. So it’s not necessarily when you pass at the previous bank, you will also pass at the new bank. In addition, if there is an increase in the value of the loan, the bank will re-assure that you as a prospective debtor will be able to pay the installments.

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2. Over credit from old debtors to new debtors

This one home loan overpayment is carried out when the old debtor transfers his mortgage to a new debtor. The procedure will be the same as the over credit process above. However, both the seller and the buyer must be present at the joint bank and pay a number of over-credit fees that have been agreed upon by both parties

The inspection and reassessment of the house will be carried out as usual. If your application is approved, the bank will issue a Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB) and binding SKMHT guarantees.

That’s the procedure for over-crediting a home. Indeed, there are many steps that must be passed. But for the sake of getting a cheaper mortgage, of course it’s not a problem, right?


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