Now is the time to buy a cheap house


The corona outbreak has an impact on almost all economic sectors, including the property sector. Photo/doc

Agus Kriswandi Basyari
Pitaloka Land

In this week’s article, we talk about the right time to invest or buy a house. This article is motivated by the conditions and atmosphere of Covid 19. The corona epidemic has had an impact on almost all economic sectors, including the property sector (in this article property = house).

According to records compiled from various sources, home sales until the first semester of 2020 decreased to -54%. This decline in sales certainly has a bad impact on property entrepreneurs. The most noticeable effect was the cessation of projects that had been planned the previous year and slowing sales. (Read: Make the Nature of Tawadhu a Capital of Happiness)

The situation above makes it difficult for the company’s wheels to run. This is mainly because the inflow and outflow of money is not smooth, where the outflow of money is greater than the incoming money. To overcome these conditions, developers as home manufacturers need to think hard and make breakthroughs, especially in the sales sector so that the company’s wheels can continue to run.

The difficult conditions experienced by developers create great opportunities for consumers who want to own a house. Usually the developer will take a sales policy that provides convenience and relief for consumers.

In their decision, the developer will provide a price discount that is greater than in normal situations, simplify terms and conditions, provide interest rate subsidies, waive certain fees, and provide other facilities. (Also read: Covid-19 can cause teeth to fall out)

This is the right time for consumers to buy a house. In terms of price, consumers have the opportunity to get a much bigger discount than during normal situations.

Price House What is offered may be the cost of goods sold, which of course is very profitable for potential consumers. For example, the price list price of one housing unit is Rp. 500 million, it is very possible for consumers to get the agreed price of Rp. 350 million. The price for the developer is the cost of goods sold or the margin value is discarded.

In difficult conditions, developers may provide easy terms and conditions for consumers, as one example is easing the burden of down payments. For example, the down payment is reduced or the payment method is lighter. For example, a down payment can be paid in 6 installments for 6 months. Other terms and conditions that can be made easier are that consumers are assisted in managing requirements such as obtaining business permits, making financial books, or other administrative requirements. (Also read: Moeldoko reveals the difficulty of crushing the MIT group led by Ali Kalora)

In addition to the convenience above, consumers can get subsidies like interest. In this case, the developer will provide relief from the prevailing interest rates in the banking sector. For example, the prevailing interest rate is 11%, so developers can provide interest subsidies so that consumers who buy their homes can enjoy interest rates below 11%. This of course will greatly ease the burden of consumer installments because the value is certainly smaller than it should be.

Another relief that consumers can get is freedom from costs that arise as a consumer’s obligation in own a house . One example is notary fees, taxes, and banking processing fees. In a matter of presentation, these costs can be worth 10 to 12% of the selling price of the house. (See the video: Let’s Succeed the Simultaneous Election 2020)

Therefore, of course, very lightening and profitable for potential consumers. Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic condition is the right time for potential consumers to immediately own a home.


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