Eid Holidays Don’t Disturb Savings for Home Downpayments, Here’s How

JAKARTA – Lebaran homecoming can be used for traveling. However, you must remember that this should not interfere with the plan to buy a house. Traveling goes on, but savings on down payments or home installments are still safe.

Launching Rumah123, Saturday (6/8/2019), the Eid homecoming ritual seems to be mandatory. However, don’t let this holiday thwart efforts to collect down payment (DP) savings. buy a house or apartment, or interfere with KPR/KPA installments (housing loan/apartment ownership loan).

When going home, you can take advantage of this for traveling. Do not think that traveling must be abroad. Tours along the Pantura/Pansela (north coast of Java/southern coast of Java) are no less cool.

In addition, the culinary delights along the Pantura and Pansela are no less appetizing. Don’t think you’ve been to Japan or Turkey, but haven’t seen the southern coast of Java.

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But, be careful, lately there are a number of places to eat that charge unreasonable prices. So it never hurts to ask the price first.

If you go home through the Pantura area, you don’t need to be on the Trans Java Toll Road. If you are bored, get off the toll road and look for nature tourism, cultural tourism, and culinary tourism in the nearest city.

Cirebon, Semarang, Pemalang, Pekalongan, Ngawi, Surabaya, to Malang have many choices of culinary tourism. Many affordable culinary options.

Likewise with natural and cultural tourism along this route. You can visit reservoirs, waterfalls, palaces, and much more.

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You can also find the same thing if you go home via the Pansela route. This route does not have a toll road. However, it can be an advantage when you want to rest.

Nature tourism, especially the beaches along Pansela, cannot be ignored. Not only Pangandaran, Parangtritis, but also beaches in Pacitan to Malang also have beautiful views.

While there are more cultural tourism options in Yogyakarta, a number of small towns along the Pansela route also have interesting tourist destinations. Don’t just go to the mall, okay?

Culinary tourism, nature tourism, and cultural tourism will certainly not break your pocket. Of course not as expensive as traveling abroad. How much is a serving of gudeg rice? At least Rp. 25 thousand. The entrance fee for the Yogyakarta Palace is only Rp. 10 thousand.

That way you can go home and travel at the same time, but saving a down payment or mortgage/KPA installments is still safe. No need to worry anymore.


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