Maximize the Space Under the Stairs to Make It More Functional


JAKARTA – Under the stairs is one more space that can actually be used with various functions. As for what is most often done, there is a storage room for goods, aka warehouse.

The shapes also vary, ranging from doors made like real cabinets, in the form of drawers, to modern wardrobe-style boxes that can be used as a place to store displays.

Cabinets or drawers are indeed the easiest thing to make. Before the manufacturing process should first think about how to store the goods in what form. If only for books or newspapers, then it can be in the form of a drawer measuring 50 cm long with an adjustable width. In addition, it can save expenses because there is no need for costs for new cabinets.

The space under the stairs can also be used as a children’s corner. Place toys to their bookshelf can be stored in that space. This is considered safer because it is still integrated with other rooms so that children are still monitored while playing. Parents can still be active in the kitchen or living room.

With the development of home interior design ideas and the uniqueness of the staircase, it will make the area under the stairs become a relaxing area in the living room. Moreover, it is equipped with a beautiful sofa underneath.

According to Ferdian Khalif Rahmadani, Site Engineer & Architect of PT Tiga Adi Rekabangun, usually the stairs are with an open hanging staircase concept. That means, stairs that are not casted so you can see the space between the steps.

“These stairs are made of steel or wood and are currently trending, because the space underneath is more flexible to use. The work is also easier,” he explained.

Under the open staircase it can be used for a family sofa. Of course, sitting under the stairs is a sensation in itself while watching TV. Therefore, the stairs must be adjusted to be in the living room area.

“Usually the mezzanine floor staircase becomes an open hanging staircase. These stairs can exist in minimalist homes who want to take advantage of more space,” he added.

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