If you want to buy a house, get to know the booking fee scheme here

JAKARTA – In the process of property purchase transactions, especially for new properties, developers often require prospective buyers to provide a booking fee or payment receipt.

What is the basis for determining the booking fee, and how much money must be paid? Launching Rumah123, it is explained about what is the basis for determining booking feeand how much money to pay?

1. Understanding booking fees

Literally, a booking fee is a payment in the form of a sum of money as a commitment to order a certain property unit. The Dictionary of Housing Terms published by the Directorate General of Housing Financing (2017), explains that the booking fee is proof of the seriousness of the buyer to buy a house.

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Similar to booking fees, in property marketing practice, it is known as Order Order Number, abbreviated as NUP acronym. NUP is usually used by developers to find out the state of the market. With NUP, developers can find out the market response to the project being built.

2. The price set for the booking fee

The price set by each developer will vary, starting from IDR 500,000 for cheap housing, up to IDR 25 million for luxury housing. If a purchase occurs, the booking fee can reduce the purchase price.

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However, if the prospective buyer cancels the purchase of the unit, usually the booking fee will be returned. But there are also developers who do not return the booking fee even though the prospective buyer cancels the purchase of the unit.

3. The booking fee has not been officially regulated

But actually, the booking fee itself has not been officially regulated by the government. As reported by papua.bisnis.com, an Indonesian citizen who has lived in Hong Kong for a long time said that he felt confused when he was going to buy an apartment unit in Jakarta. This is because most countries outside Indonesia do not apply NUP or booking fees to be able to buy property.

4. The advantages of booking fees

For developers, NUP and booking fees can provide many benefits. For example knowing the market of the project being built. Developers can also raise prices and use unit sold data to appeal to a larger market. As for buyers, property prices for NUP holders will be cheaper than normal prices. Because, there are many promos offered by NUP holders.


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